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5 must-do experiences in Lofoten, the islands of dreams in the Deep North

Isole Lofoten

Earthly paradises are not necessarily found in the south: the Lofoten Islands, north of Norway and the Arctic Circle, are the best example of a Nordic Eden. On the seven islands that make up the archipelago, spectacular primordial landscapes are the daily life of a discrete but widespread human presence (about 24,000 inhabitants), who have inhabited these mountainous seashores for at least nine thousand years, surviving by fishing and a milder climate than is commonly thought, thanks to the influence of the Gulf Stream.

A trip to the Lofoten Islands is a continual discovery, thanks to the deep blue sea, mountains that plummet steeply into the water, colorful fishing villages, and wilderness that creates an unforgettable atmosphere.

The village of Reine in Lofoten, Norway

Sleeping in old fishermen’s houses

It is an iconic image of the red-colored cottages, perfectly set among the fjords. Not everyone knows, however, that these ancient fishermen’s piles, the rorbuer, have now been adapted into accommodations that welcome travelers from all over the world. Some have kept their characteristic atmosphere intact, others-such as those in Svolvaer, the archipelago’s main town, or the famous Reine-have been enriched with every comfort: either way, they are the perfect way to immerse yourself in the life of this Nordic paradise.

The sun at midnight

Admiring the midnight sun

Lofoten is so magical that it manages to provide endless days: during the summer months, in fact, above the Arctic Circle the sun never sets. It is the phenomenon known as the “midnight sun,” an event that leaves one speechless and gives breathtaking natural spectacles. The other, very practical benefit is that these endless days offer more time to explore the beauty of the islands.

Viking symbols

Discovering the Viking culture of Lofoten

The Lofotr Viking Museum, in the small village of Borg, will catapult you back 1,000 years to the time of the first inhabitants of Lofoten: inside you can visit the large Viking house, found right in Borg and faithfully reconstructed, with interactive tours, films and objects from everyday life. The experience is at its best in the summer months, when the visit is enhanced by tours on a Viking ship, bow and arrow activities, and axe throwing.

Nature takes center stage in Lofoten

Doing outdoor activities

Trekking, rafting, climbing diving, surfing: in Lofoten, thanks to the varied nature, you can enjoy unique experiences, such as surfing the Arctic waves together with the world’s northernmost surf school, or climbing the granite walls of the mountains overlooking the sea. And even those who do not like physical activity, when faced with vistas like these will not be able to resist the urge to take a walk along the trails that lead to spectacular views.

Lofoten fishing ships

Participate in a fishing trip

Fish, especially cod, is in the DNA of Lofoten: just look at the rows of stockfish hanging on pylons, waiting to be exported around the world. Taking part in a fishing trip here in northern Norway is an exciting and fun experience worth having, a real adventure that ends in the best way possible: with rich spoils!