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A private island for rent? With Airbnb it is possible!

If you have always dreamed of having a private island all to yourself, now that dream can finally become a reality thanks to Airbnb. Among the 2,000 breathtaking solutions of the platform’s new section dedicated to luxury accommodation ‘Airbnb Luxe,’ it is indeed possible to rent the private atoll of Nukutepipi, in French Polynesia.

Private Island for rent Nukutepipi
The private island of Nukutepipi, for rent on Airbnb

With its 3 villas and 15 beach bungalows, the private island can accommodate up to 52 people who can relax in this earthly paradise while taking advantage of the exclusive services offered by the platform.

Private Island Airbnb Nukutepipi
A room

Any examples? A trip designer at one’s disposal, whose sole occupation is to organize experiences and services to make the stay memorable.

Aerial view of the island of Nukutepipi

This includes arranging local activities tailored to the guest, as well as a wide range of services including babysitting, private chefs, on-site massage therapists or customized workout sessions in the gym.

One of the private pools

The service certainly isn’t cheap-the private atoll costs $1 million per week ($3,000 per person if the maximum capacity of 52 guests is reached-but user demand for luxury accommodations and experiences is growing rapidly, a trend that corresponds with the global trend regarding increasing interest in luxury vacations.

The luxury bungalows on the beach

Airbnb Luxe was born precisely with the idea of meeting the needs of this segment of travelers, and offers spectacular accommodations carefully selected from around the world, care around the world, each of which passes a rigorous evaluation process with more than 300 criteria to meet requirements in both design and functionality.

Villa Fleming Airbnb Luxe
Villa Fleming, another exclusive Airbnb Luxe location

Exclusive experiences available, in addition to Nukutepipi Atoll, include locations such as Villa Fleming, in Jamaica, where Ian Flaming wrote his famous novels, and Beyond, in South Africa, perched on a rock with an ocean-view infinity pool.

Beyond Airbnb Luxe

There’s also a hint of Italy thanks to Il Parco dei Principi: in the province of Siena, it’s a stunning neo-Gothic villa set in 60 acres of private land, where you can take walks and taste local olive oil.

Airbnb Luxe Parco dei Principi
Princes’ Park


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