AIWeek 2023: almost 1,000 Italian entrepreneurs and managers, more than 150 speakers and stations deputed to the B2B networking, more than 100 sponsors and workshops, 80 companies involved and even 50 demonstration demos: these are some of the most representative numbers of the event scheduled for April 17-21 and now in its fourth year. Behind the organization of this “addicted to AI” week are Giacinto Fiore and Pasquale Viscanti, founders of IA Explained Simple, who will collaborate with IEG for the occasion.

“This event is dedicated to all entrepreneurs who want to discover the potential of AI.”

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AIWeek Giacinto Fiore and Pasquale Viscanti
Giacinto Fiore and Pasquale Viscanti, organizers of AIWeek.

A company that uses artificial intelligence exploits up to 40 times more of its potential“: with these words Pasquale Viscanti, co-founder of Artificial Intelligence Explained Simple , the largest Italian community dedicated to the discovery of AI, announces the fourth edition of the AI Week ( ).

The latter, specifically, is the week dedicated to the technology of the moment and, organizationally, is divided into two stages: From April 17 to 19, in fact, there will be a series of remote appointments, available on the platform AI Play ( ), while on April 20 and 21, Rimini’s Palacongressi will be the capital of artificial intelligence for two full days.

TRAVEL & SPA Magazine is the official Media Partner of AIWeek.

This will also take shape thanks to the strategic collaboration established by IA Explained Simply together with Italian Exhibition Group, a leading reality in the field of exhibition events. “At the national level only 6 percent of Italian companies use artificial intelligence to grow their business and improve operational services – says Giacinto Fiore, co-founder of Artificial Intelligence Explained Simple and organizer of theAI Week – Together we can reverse the trend: we are called to live the present with courage and positivity and, in this regard, AI is the cutting-edge technology we need, also and, above all, to run full speed into the future.”

From the point of view logistical, the two days organized at the Palacongressi di Rimini will be structured as follows: starting from the 8:30 a.m., there will be a welcome breakfast for the guests who, an hour later, will be called to take a seat inside the main hall to follow the speeches of the international speakers present among whom emerge representatives of the Responsible AI Institute, theEuropean Space Agency, the Government Department of Economic Planning and the Semeion Research Center.

AIWeek, Artificial Intelligence Rimini

Afterwards, there will be a soft moment during which it will be possible to have lunch, and from 2:30 p.m. onward, there are workshops in 2 rooms and, at the same time, real networking moments together with possible prospects, suppliers and clients. To conclude, a rock concert complete with spritz party could not be missed.

AIWeek, 5 days dedicated to artificial intelligence

“It will be five days totally dedicated to artificial intelligence,” says Pasquale Viscanti, co-founder of Artificial Intelligence Explained Simple – The topics covered, thanks to the presence of absolute level spokespersons, will be countless: fromautomotive to sustainability, from robotics to fintech to the metaverse. And again, there will be no shortage of insights and analysis regarding the worlds ofeducation, tourism , healthcare,publishing, food,art and design, fashion, cybersecurity and, finally, big data and retail.”

AIWeek, Artificial Intelligence Palacongressi Rimini


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