Amaala Palace

Red Sea Global (RSG), promoter of the world’s most ambitious tourism projects, announces partnership with Clinique La Prairie, a world-renowned longevity and wellness clinic.

The partnership involves the development of a 36,115-square-meter Clinique La Prairie spa within Amaala, which is located on the northwest coast ofSaudi Arabia. The exclusive resort will offer 13 villas, as well as 52 rooms and suites.

"Clinique La Prairie's 90 years of international health and wellness expertise, and the fabulous facilities of the new resort nestled in the extraordinary natural landscapes of Saudi Arabia, will accompany our visitors in exclusive experiences inspired by the art, wellness and purity of the Red Sea. The beauty of the new structure resulting from Islamic architecture and modern craftsmanship will provide a serene place to relax, meditate and rejuvenate.", said John Pagano, Group CEO of Red Sea Global.
Amaala and Clinique La Prairie's facility overlooking the sea.
Amaala’s structure overlooking the sea

Architecture of excellence

Clinique La Prairie ‘s approach to wellness focuses on longevity. This will be symbolized by the “Longevity Plaza” , a central plaza leading to four distinctive areas of the resort, corresponding to each of the pillars of the facility: medical, nutrition, exercise and wellness.

These areas will house a wide range of activities and services, including all the latest technologies developed over 90 years by Clinique La Prairie to enable customers to live longer, healthier, and above all, better lives.

The resort also has a diagnostic laboratory, a museum, a beach club, workshop and training rooms, private dining spaces, and even a cooking school to ensure that visitors have an inimitable journey of rejuvenation and self-discovery.

According to architect John Heah‘s vision, the landscape around the property is fundamental to the resort. Idyllic gardens are used to create a sense of tranquility and make visitors’ journey even more connected.

Amaala Longevity Plaza Clinique La Prairie
Amaala Longevity Plaza

Bespoke programs with a holistic approach

Clinique La Prairie has a unique approach to wellness, combining preventive medicine, genetics , and epigenetics with tailored plans to improve lifestyle and nutrition, always based on research and innovation. Using the CLP Longevity MethodTM, medical specialists and holistic experts will provide guests with highly personalized revitalizing, immune-boosting and transformative programs and pathways during bespoke one- or two-week stays.

Clinique La Prairie will offer synergistic treatments to rejuvenate the body and mind. Medical practices will include laboratories for advanced diagnostics and radiology, physical therapy, neuroscience, dermatology, aesthetics and dentistry. On the wellness side, the destination will offer cryochambers, hyperbaric suites, intravenous infusions, and a host of yet-to-be-unveiled next-generation therapies that help make Amaala a distinctive wellness destination.

Amaala Tea Lounge overlooking the Red Sea
Amaala Tea Lounge overlooking the Red Sea

Sustainability and respect for the environment

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Amaala; in fact, the entire destination is powered by 100 percent renewable energy. Respect for flora and fauna is also present in every aspect of the resort’s design. For example, buildings in Amaala have been set back about 100 meters from the coast to avoid interference with the natural habitat of fragile Red Sea turtle populations. The lighting was also carefully designed to protect the night sky and limit the impact of artificial light on wildlife.

Simone Gibertoni, CEO of Clinique La Prairie, said:  "In Amaala we are creating the world's largest health and longevity-focused resort ever. We are delighted to build our first destination in such an extraordinary setting and to help bring Red Sea Global's vision of regenerative, ultra-luxury tourism to life.".  

Phase one of the destination is already underway and plans to welcome the first guests in 2024. Amaala will consist of eight resorts offering more than 1,300 beds. When completed, Amaala will be home to more than 3,000 rooms in 25 hotels and about 900 luxury residential villas, apartments and estate houses, as well as upscale retail establishments, fine restaurants, spas and recreational facilities.


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