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Amonti & Lunaris, the World of Saunas

AtAmonti & Lunaris Wellnessresort deep autumn relaxation with ayurveda, calendula and chamomile. But also beer, rock music and Tibetan bells, peeling and alpine herb pouches, to rediscover the pleasure of the sauna.

AMONTI & LUNARIS Wellnessresort

With autumn comes an urge to engage in rituals that were somewhat put aside during the warm season. Such is the case with the sauna, a relaxing pleasure but above all a beneficial practice useful for strengthening the body.

At the
Amonti & Lunaris Wellnessresort
in Cadipietra in the Aurina Valley and its 5,000-square-meter A&L Spa, people can choose the sauna best suited to their needs and enjoy a unique experience thanks to the combinations suggested by the vital trainer.

AMONTI & LUNARIS Wellnessresort

Amonti & Lunaris: rock and beer in the sauna

They may seem like unusual and original pairings, but their beneficial, and in some cases fun, effect is sure to be greatly appreciated by guests. We are talking about the world of saunas at Amonti & Lunaris and the themed experiences that can be had within them.

There is the peeling sauna that allows you to relax and at the same time treat yourself to a purifying treatment; or the one with alpine herb pouches that releases a mountain aroma. You can experience the sauna with Tibetan bells for a total relaxing effect; or choose the panoramic sauna that lights up with rock music to give yourself a truly unique thrill.

And again there is the South Tyrolean sauna, which includes a typical South Tyrolean snack accompanied by a beer. There is, of course, no shortage of classic steam jets, the real highlight of a sauna session, professionally performed by the vital trainer.

AMONTI & LUNARIS Wellnessresort

Sweating in the sauna trains the body’s thermoregulation system; alternating hot and cold stimulates blood vessels in the skin and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. In this way, the body learns to adapt to different temperatures and is strengthened for colds and flu.

Amonti & Lunaris, the World of Saunas AtAmonti & Lunaris Wellnessresort deep autumn relaxation with ayurveda, calendula and chamomile. But also beer, rock music and Tibetan bells, peeling and alpine herb pouches, to rediscover the pleasure of the sauna.

The Sky Lounge and Saunas at Amonti & Lunaris

The sauna world at Amonti & Lunaris can be found in the Sky Lounge, a truly exclusive, adult-only environment located on the 4th floor. Among saunas, the Aromatic Steam Bath has a particularly high humidity level, which is especially beneficial for the respiratory system and mucous membranes.

In combination with aromas and essential oils, it has an antibacterial effect and stimulates metabolism, and also rejuvenates and heals the upper layers of the skin.

AMONTI & LUNARIS Wellnessresort - Sky Lounge for Adults

The Infrared Sauna produces a pleasant deep heat from within precisely because of the rays penetrating the skin, it is a panacea for increasing intramuscular circulation, which is then reflected throughout the body.

Ideal for those who do not tolerate extreme heat is the Great Sauna for steam jets; while the Panoramic Finnish Sauna is chosen precisely because of the magical mountain views it affords at any time of year. The walls are made of local fir wood, the benches of basswood, and the temperature reaches 90-110°C.

Fundamental after the sauna is the process of cooling the body, which is why the Sky Lounge also houses the Ice Cube soaking tub that allows the health effect of the sessions to be amplified.

AMONTI & LUNARIS Wellnessresort

Deep Relaxation at Amonti & Lunaris Wellnessresort

Goal of the vacation: relaxation. After the sauna, one can turn to the treatments at the A&L Spa, choosing from the more relaxing ones, which help to release any tension, but more importantly to put aside thoughts and stress.

AMONTI & LUNARIS Wellnessresort

Among the ad hoc proposals, you can choose the “Deep Relax” package that includes: 1 Abhyanga, 1 Chakra Energy Massage, 1 Harmony Body Wrap at the special price of 191 euros.

Abhyanga is perhaps the best known of the Ayurvedic massages. An indescribable feeling of fullness and wholeness arises when every inch of skin is doused with special warm oil, then massaged by soft hands. Energy zones and individual points are treated with special care.

Waste is eliminated from the tissues, promoting the return of dynamism, energy and vitality. The full massage lasts 70 minutes.

AMONTI & LUNARIS Wellnessresort

Chakra Energy Massage (50 min.) gives a new energy: a clear mind and a relaxed body indeed lead to one’s inner center. Pure, delicately scented chakra oils, energy-guided massage techniques and the targeted use of gemstones on the energy centers allow for deep relaxation. A new form of profound well-being will be felt.

Finally, the Harmony Body Wrap is a special, gentle pampering program with calendula and chamomile. These ingredients have an activating and soothing action with a balancing effect on sensitive and irritated skin. The skin will be supple and radiant again (25 min).

AMONTI & LUNARIS Wellnessresort

Break for two

An escape from daily life, to unplug and indulge in moments of pure relaxation.

AMONTI & LUNARIS Wellnessresort

It only takes 3 days to feel rejuvenated and come back more energized than before. From October 6 to November 30, 2019, you can choose the “A Short Break” package including: 3 nights’ premium all-inclusive accommodation with breakfast buffet, wellness vitality buffet in the afternoon, gourmet dinner menu and choice of soft drinks. 1 love greeting in the room with chocolates and prosecco, 1 exclusive breakfast in bed, 1 facial massage for her & him (25 min), Sport & Vitality treatment beneficial and healing wrap for both, 1 aromatic partial massage for two (25 min), free use of the spa, guided hikes, daily fitness program. All from 583 euros per person.

AMONTI & LUNARIS Wellnessresort

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