In South Tyrol, at the mouth of the pristine Fischlein Valley, lies the Bad Moos Aqua Spa Resort . Surrounded by nature, among the UNESCO World Heritage Site Sexten Dolomites, it is a piece of paradise in all seasons!

Bad Moos

Over 50 years of history

Established in 1971, thanks to the foresight of its founder Erwin Lanzinger, the resort has its roots in the history of Bagni di Moso. The ancient spring, known as early as 1650, springs at the foot of the mountain and flows near the little church near Bad Moos. The importance of this water, which is rich in sulfur, fluoride, magnesium, calcium and other rare minerals, was immediately clear, so much so that even today it is still a source of health and the star of many wellness treatments.

From the moment you enter, you feel the South Tyrolean atmosphere and refined Tyrolean style, the large windows and bright rooms give the feeling of being at one with the majestic mountains, and the attention to furnishings and fine details embellish the ambience.

Refinement and elegance, charm and comfort also distinguish the suites at the Bad Moos Aqua Spa Resort. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, they keep intact the refined South Tyrolean style that has always distinguished the resort.

Just outside the hotel, theski lifts give high altitude walks with stunning views of the Sexten Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These are the same peaks that are mirrored in the outdoor pool at the Bad Moos Aqua Spa Resort, one of the most beloved settings in summer: get pampered by the whirlpool or relax in the poolside loungers in the manicured garden for a unique experience.

Bad Moos

Gourmet gastronomy

The refined and traditional style is also found in the restaurant hall, which is elegant and refined thanks to the wooden cladding on the walls and ceiling and bright thanks to the glass window.

The light and wholesome gastronomy makes use of typical local products, cultivated with respect to seasonality and revisited according to the dictates of modern cuisine. Chef Giovanni Togni, a spontaneous smile and a genuine and reserved character, is equally passionate about preparing traditional and international cuisine.

The Bad Moos’ offerings begin upon arrival at the hotel with a welcome cocktail. Each day begins with a hearty breakfast buffet with an organic corner, local cured meats, homemade pastries, fresh fruit, varieties of muesli, centrifuges and freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. Fruits and herbal teas are always available in the spa, and in the afternoon a snack with a hot dish, small snacks and drinks allows you to recharge when you return from activities.
Dinner includes a 4- to 5-course menu of your choice and buffet of salads, appetizers, typical regional cheeses, and fresh fruit. There is no shortage of special themed or romantic candlelight evenings, with dessert buffets for those with a sweet tooth.

And for wine enthusiasts? The Bad Moos provides its guests with an extensive list of selected wines. From South Tyrolean red and white wines to Chardonnay, from Pinot Grigio and Nero to Sauvignon, from Lagrein to Merlot, from Cuvèe to Cabernet, from regional wines to French wines, to dessert wines, Spumante and Champagne. There is no shortage of specialty grappas, a true South Tyrolean must.

A culinary experience not to be missed at Bad Moos is dinner in the Stube. There is a choice between the Wein Stube from the 1600s, the Gothic Stube from the 1300s, and the Fondue Stube, the smallest and most intimate. These are truly exclusive and evocative locations, harking back to the magic of times long gone,when the Stube was the beating heart of the farmhouse.

Bad Moos
Ph. Hannes Niederkofler

5 elements for the Soma & Soul Spa

An enchanted place of absolute well-being, where nature enters undisturbed to instill stillness, through its primordial essence: water. It is the Soma & Anima Spa at the Bad Moos Aqua Spa Resort, whose beauty concept is based precisely on the special sulfate water spring and a working method that combines ancient traditions and innovative techniques.

Since as far back as 1765, the valuable properties of the water of Bagni di Moso, rich in sulfur, fluoride, magnesium, calcium and other rare mineral salts, have been known. A natural treasure that helps detoxify the body, relieve tension, aid digestion and much more.

Ancient holistic practices here are combined with the latest technology by bringing inwardness and outwardness together and fostering that balance between mind, soul and body that is fundamental to complete well-being.

And it is precisely balance that represents another defining element of the Soma & Anima Spa. Through techniques and treatments you can help your body achieve perfect harmony with yourself, others and the natural environment.

Movement also plays a key role in staying healthy, as do the medicinal herbs found in nature. And then of course a conscious diet of healthy, fresh and wholesome foods.

The Soma & Anima Spa offers genuine targeted wellness rituals to detoxify and purify the body, regain balance and harmony, and relax body and mind.

From Alpine tradition come treatments based on herbs and aromatic flowers, such as the famous hay bath, which at Bad Moos is a true ritual to be experienced even as a couple. There are numerous treatments you can share with your partner to treat yourself to unique and unforgettable moments, relaxing tub baths and facial and body massages. From Romantic Bath in a warm candlelight atmosphere, enveloped by the warmth of the fireplace fire, savoring a good glass of prosecco and some snacks. Up to theAlpine Dream with exfoliating preparation treatment, alpine bath, an enveloping relaxing massage and a pleasant moment of relaxation in the Stube with inviting snacks.

Bad Moos
Ph. Hannes Niederkofler

Bad Moos, Full Sauna

The Bad Moos Aqua Spa Resort’s innovative sauna area provides a Finnish sauna and biosauna, steam bath, Kneipp path and infrared cabin. Other exclusive and special spaces are added to the traditional saunas. Women, for example, find a place all to themselves: the Lady Sauna “Picea,” which owes its name to thespruce the walls are lined with. Romantic hanging hearts , ergonomic loungers with footrests and aroma steam jets round out the offerings. The Textil Sauna “Larix” again gets its name from the wood used in the furnishings, larch, while the steam jets are to forest aromas, including pine, larch, spruce, and stone pine.

But perhaps the top is represented by the Panoramic Sauna St. Valentin “Cembra”.The pine wood sauna offers a Enchanting view of the mountains and the little church St. Valentin, in addition to the forest aroma steam jets, just outside the sauna are the sulfate water rain showers and the exclusive Old Stube relaxation room. It is a precious location, furnished with pine wood and design, carved out of an old Gothic Stube from the 13th century. The corner sofa and leather armchairs with the soft butter-colored loden cushions, the ergonomic wooden loungers with hazelnut mattresses placed in front of the windows, and the typical coffee table and chairs lend special charm to the room.

Also a must stop in the Relax Room “Foenum” which provides an elegant and refined place with modern and essential lines, but at the same time intimate and familiar, thanks to the fireplace that warms the atmosphere by giving it a touch of romance and the hay Which, wrapped in large sheets like a pillow, releases its fragrance and permeates the whole room. The ergonomic loungers here face a large window that allows you to feel at one with the surrounding nature of the Fiscalina Valley. As well as the atmospheric Sulfur Cave and the traditional Rustically Balneo relaxation room.

The Bad Moos sauna master often involves guests in special events, from steam jets to aromatic dances to a walk to the nearby St. Valentin church ideal for cooling the body.

Bad Moos
Ph. Hannes Niederkofler

Remise en forme for summer

Take advantage of a vacation at Bad Moos Aqua Spa Resort to get in shape for summer. The Soma & Anima Spa provides numerous treatments to reshape, drain and tone.

You can start, for example, with a custom Silk Skin body scrub, an excellent preparation for a subsequent wellness journey. At this point the most suitable treatment can be chosen. The Draining Rit ual is a massage that reactivates circulation and fluids through mud baths, while the Dermoriducing Ritual with algae or clay pack reactivates metabolism and has a slimming action, and again the Soft Skin Body Mask is a strongly moisturizing and toning pack.

Specific to the legs, the Sulfate Legs works by combining the benefits of mud and wraps with a draining and toning action (80 min. 110 euros). And finally, the Flat Belly treatment aims for a balancing and shaping action with abdominal pack (75 min. 120 euros).

Bad Moos
Ph. Hannes Niederkofler

Short stay, between Feel Good and Move & Balance

Watching your figure on vacation is not easy-there are so many food specialties to try! From the kitchen of the Bad Moos Aqua Spa Resort, however, comes practical help: Feel Good, a comprehensive menu offering delicious yet light and healthy dishes, healthy and balanced meals with natural, quality ingredients. This way it will not be difficult to keep an eye on the line.

And then fundamental is movement, which does not have to be strenuous. A walk in the woods, an aqua aerobics class, gentle gymnastics in the garden or sunrise yoga: these are some of the many activities contained in the program Move & Balance, ideal for all ages to keep constantly in light motion while taking advantage of the pure mountain air and natural scenery available.

For a vacation at Bad Moos Aqua Spa Resort you can choose the Short Stay Package with Upgrade & Mountain Card valid from June 7 to June 30, 2024. Offer includes: 2 nights’ half board accommodation with afternoon snack, Feel Good menu, Move & Balance program and free use of Soma & Anima Spa. Best of all: room upgrade and Mountain Card to take advantage of a free ride on the Croda Rossa lifts. Starting from 400 euros per person.


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