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Bali, wellness first

Wellness tourism isa rising trend, and more and more travelers are seeking spiritual and physical well-being during their trips. With this in mind, Bali is becoming increasingly successful: the fascinating Indonesian island covered with volcanoes and forests, with its lush tropical environment, has so many alternatives for a perfectly relaxing trip.

Wellness treatments in BaliJust by stepping foot on the island of the gods, you immediately feel relaxed and in balance with your surroundings. Between scenic beaches, lush nature, incredible dive sites and many yoga centers, peace of mind is assured. In addition, thanks to its volcanic heart, Bali has numerous spas and hotels where you can totally immerse yourself in traditional Indonesian wellness culture. Wellness in BaliFrom luxury villas with infinity pools to quiet homestays and family-run guesthouses-whatever your concept of tranquility, you will find a wide range of activities. Among the most spectacular wellness resorts not to be missed is the Fivelements, a peaceful and beneficent paradise where one can bask in true spiritual and bodily healing (fivelements.org), and the COMO Shambala Summer, nestled in the rainforest and an incredible Ayurvedic spa with nine treatment rooms (comohotels.com). At each of these spas, you can discover the ancient techniques of traditional Indonesian massage, which originated in Bali itself and consists of a complete treatment from the tips of the toes to the scalp, all using essential oils extracted from local nature. But the reasons why Bali is an ideal destination for your relaxation do not end there: in fact, the island is home to one of the 10 most beautiful hot springs in the world, the Banjar Hot Springs, three natural pools into which spring waters are thrown, all in a typically tropical setting. Bali is also a fantastic location for practicing all kinds of yoga, as it has become a favorite destination for internationally celebrated masters who have opened numerous schools here. Among the most famous centers theUbud Yoga House, nestled in green rice fields and surrounded by jungle: a tranquil, soothing oasis where you can learn more advanced techniques or approach this practice for the first time, all while enjoying every moment of the calm and beauty of island nature (ubudyogahouse.com).

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And even food, in Bali, becomes a beneficial experience: rice, vegetables, fresh fish and lots of tropical fruits have always been the undisputed kings of this cuisine, but the high demand in recent years for organic organic products has led to the emergence of real restaurants specializing in healthy food. So off to frozen yoghurt, smoothies, shakes and 100 percent organic raw materials: like at Moksa, an eatery known for its exclusively plant-based dishes, dishes presented in the most extraordinary and inspiring ways, in a space that inspires beauty and creativity (