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Beond, a new direct flight from Milan to the Maldives with an ultra-premium experience

Volo diretto Milano Maldive Beond, premium business

It is the world’s first premium airline for leisure flights, Beond . Luxury and comfort from start to finish. The destination is one: Malé, Maldives. For Italy, the departure airport is Milan Malpensa.

Direct flight Milan Maldives Beond, premium business

With great enthusiasm, Beond Airlines unveiled its Airbus A319, one of two aircraft in the fleet, at Malpensa itself. We were there and came on board for the first time: elegance is the hallmark, both inside and out. Dark nacelle with copper-colored details, narrow fuselage. Business class seats only, with 44 seats all lay-flat , convertible, from takeoff, into very comfortable beds with all the amenities to spend the 10 hours (on average) of travel in total relaxation. And only 4 seats per row.

Direct flight Milan Maldives Beond, premium business

The first direct Milan – Maldives flight

Forget endless layovers, forget having to get off the plane and cross airports in search of the connecting departure gate. Beond does indeed make a stopover, but only a technical one: just enough time for a refueling in Dubai and off we go, without any inconvenience.

On-board service aims to provide a unique and unparalleled experience. Meals are designed and prepared by top chefs, served with fine tableware and elegant silverware, crystal glasses for drinks. The choice of dishes caters to all tastes: Maldivian dishes will be served, as well as excellences of Italian cuisine. Everything you need for toileting is enclosed in a lovely Beond-branded beauty case. Bluethoot connection and Apple Vision Pro Service (virtual reality technology), for entertainment.

Direct flight Milan Maldives Beond, premium business

There is a lot of Italy in the furnishings: made-in-Italy materials and renowned domestic manufacturers, including Optimares and La Ferrari, outfitted the aircraft’s interior.

There are three fare categories, with differences in in-flight and pre-flight service: Delight, the most affordable; Bliss, which includes lounge access; and Opulence , which also includes a private driver from home to the airport.

Direct flight Milan Maldives Beond, premium business

Beond flight fares from Milan MXP to the Maldives start from 1,500 euros one way per passenger, depending on the period and seat availability.

Beond flight operations from Milan MXP to the Maldives.

The first Beond flight from Malpensa is scheduled for July 3, 2024. Flights will operate year-round, twice a week (on Wednesdays and Saturdays), night only.

Direct flight Milan Maldives Beond, premium business

The company’s CEO, Tero Taskila, said he was “thrilled” with the response and the reservations already received from customers in Milan. Beond kicked off his 2023 experience from Dubai, Munich, Riyadh and Zurich. And here it is now conquering the Italian market, also aiming to expand its fleet to up to 32 aircraft and 60 destinations within five years.


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