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Blu Moret Wellness & Spa Udine, facial treatment lifting effect

Blu Moret Wellness & Spa
, the unmissable city SPA not far from the center of Udine, is a true oasis of wellness and beauty within theHotel Là di Moret, considered the symbol of hospitality according to the canons of the most authentic Friuli. It offers an innovative facial treatment that combines the benefits in terms of radiance with those of an immediate lifting effect, while also giving a very pleasant feeling of well-being to the whole body.

Blue Moret facial treatment lifting effectThis is Hydradermie Deluxe a comprehensive facial cleansing and rejuvenation treatment.

It starts with a deep cleansing that allows the skin to breathe and be fully receptive to the active ingredients that will be used in the next steps.

As a result, the skin immediately appears finer and more even, pores are tightened thanks to substances that act on excess sebum, and the “shine effect” is eliminated. A rebalancing of microbial flora is also achieved with significant reduction or disappearance of skin irritations and imperfections.

Lhe second phase of the treatment uses a revolutionary and exclusive equipment that, by means of an alternating current, makes the small muscles (called mimic or furry, located in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, by contracting they move the skin on the underlying planes, determining the appearance of furrows and folds) of the face perform a kind of gymnastics, energizing them and giving them a new tone.

Massage relaxes the face and enriches the skin with revitalizing active ingredients.

The result will be a smoothing and lifting of the features, smoothing of wrinkles and plumping of tissues, with a significant increase in blood and lymphatic circulation. Increased oxygen supply to the cells will eventually promote the transport of nutrients to the cells.

Blue Moret facial treatment lifting effectHydradermie Deluxe is a treatment that not only has beneficial effects on the skin but, thanks to its extreme pleasantness, gives a profound feeling of relaxation and well-being to the entire organism, thus constituting a real parenthesis to carve out a moment all for oneself.

Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes

Hotel Là di Moret
Viale Tricesimo, 276 – 33100 Udine
Tel. +39 0432 545096

Là di Moret Hotels

Hotel Là di Moret inescapably symbolizes the high-quality hotellerie and catering of an area incredibly rich in history and culture, including gastronomy, that is still little known.

The sign “Là di Moret” constitutes a real guarantee – also confirmed by the prestigious awards obtained over the years -, and means a 360° welcome to involve gourmets and all travelers who want to be pampered by the comfort of the 86 rooms and take advantage of the high international standards of the hotel’s services – at the ‘forefront those dedicated to women and noteworthy for excellence and flexibility those dedicated to business customers and the MICE world – and experience the beauty & wellness paths of the Blu Moret SPA, another flagship of the facility with its exclusive and modern 1,000 sq. m., the scene of a mix of architecture and design for an environment in which the harmony between colors, volumes and materials stands out.

Blue Moret facial treatment lifting effectDesigned to wrap you in a protective embrace and give moments of well-being to body and mind thanks to two relaxation pools with hydromassage, four saunas – one of which is outdoor as in the best Nordic tradition -, relaxation areas with heated loungers, and a swimming pool overlooking the outdoor garden that becomes an exclusive solarium in summer.

Incredibly rich is the menu with sixty-six different treatments worth giving some glimpses of.

For those who want to give their face and body a youthful boost, Blu Skin gives glowing, hydrated and silky skin through deep tissue oxygenation and customized exfoliation.

The battle against fatigue and swelling in the lower limbs is fought with Blue Butterfly: an exfoliating massage with osmotic action to eliminate toxins and impurities followed by application of specific clays or muds. Two hours of pleasantness to achieve the feeling of lightness of a … butterfly.

To satisfy gourmand pleasures as well, there could be no shortage of Sweet Blu, a true gourmand pampering that includes a chocolate aromatherapy epidermal cell renewal treatment combined with a deep detox in a steam room that is completed with an enveloping coconut butter massage. The exaltation of sweetness!

Blue Moret SPA, to recharge the body’s “batteries”

If the “batteries” need recharging Blu Moret SPA proposes.  an energizing path to tone the body and regenerate the mind, the result of a meeting of Eastern and Western philosophies.

The goal is to reharmonize energy circulation and improve states of tension through scrubs and sensory oils.

Amber fragrances, cozy ambiance, relaxing music and soft atmosphere make for an unforgettable experience.

For those seeking extreme relaxation, however, the Oriente Treatment is a relaxing journey that provides a multi-sensory experience through enveloping fragrances of imperial peony, smoothing scrub and silky cream.

There is no shortage of ad hoc treatments for men: The Man is dedicated to the face and oxygenates and revitalizes the skin thanks to the properties of vitamin C. After cleansing, an enzymatic exfoliant and mask designed specifically for men’s skin is applied. It is ideal after a sauna when the pores are well dilated and ready to best receive the active ingredients of applied products.

In high demand is nonsurgical liporiduction, which uses dual-suction equipment with a reducing, draining, and toning effect while avoiding the need for surgery.

In fact, Blu Moret SPA stands out for its focus on innovative techniques with a holistic approach in considering beauty and well-being.

All that remains is to plan a trip to discover a unique reality!