The vacation season is opening, and for many families or groups of friends it is the right time to decide how to spend it; have you ever thought of spending it on a boat? Maybe with a boat rental service?

Seaside vacations are an excellent compromise between adventure, relaxation and fun: boats allow you to have all the comforts of a hotel, for example, but with more privacy and freedom. Renting a sailboat, catamaran or luxury yacht moreover allows you to customize your experience according to your budget, the destination you choose or the type of vacation you want to spend.

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If you do not have a boat license and the necessary knowledge about boats, it is recommended to refer to portals that make it easy to rent one, relying on experts who can advise you throughout the selection and booking process.

Renting a boat, moreover, opens the door to a variety of vacation possibilities: would you rather spend your time at anchorage, sailing little and devoting yourself to complete relaxation, or get carried away by adventure and travel many nautical miles to discover secret and wild islets?


Surfing will allow you to experience something different all the ones you have probably experienced so far. Renting a boat also means making deep contact with nature and filling your heart with sunsets, unforgettable sunrises and enjoying breathtaking scenery-there are even some views that you can only see from the sea!

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Darkly, one of the most popular destinations remains the Mediterranean Sea, between Greece , Sardinia , Sicily and Croatia; choosing your port of departure, all you have to do is agree on your itinerary with the skipper, weigh anchor and take to the sea.

You won’t have to worry about anything but having fun and relaxing – your crew will be ready to advise you and make your vacation unforgettable!

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But you don’t necessarily have to rent a boat to “go to the sea“-there are so many different options to choose from, such as a gourmet cruise or a breathtaking tour of the fjords to see the Northern Lights and go where few people have ever been.

Boat rental is undoubtedly a new and fascinating way to experience a wonderful vacation!

Whether you are attracted to sailing ships, picturesque schooners or luxurious catamarans, you will certainly be able to find what is right for you.


There is not only bareboat charter (i.e., of the whole boat), but also a convenient solution for those who want to share their vacations with several people, even unfamiliar ones: cabin cruising, an opportunity to make friends and new experiences!

During a cabin cruise, it will be possible to explore entire areas and islands under the expert advice of the captain, who will suggest wild itineraries and be a perfect guide to give you a thorough understanding of the places you visit.

It will also be more conveniently organized on board, with the fixed presence of cooks, hostesses, waiters and staff; all that’s left is to have a drink on the upper deck and enjoy the sunset!

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Nothing could be easier: relying on experts to arrange everything for you, according to your specifications!

To enjoy the experience fully, safely and without worries, it is necessary to enlist the help of working entities that specialize in boat rentals, such as Globe Sailor, a leader in the industry, which through its online site provides the expertise of 1000 professional charter companies and over 12,000 boats in more than 180 destinations. Globe Sailor takes care of arranging your charter or cabin cruise with a team of experts available to meet any special needs.

What are you waiting for to leave? Wind in the sails!


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