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Clinique La Prairie and Bakel side by side for longevity with Holistic Health

The world-renowned luxury retreat and the famous Udine-based clean beauty brand sanction a collaboration for the distribution in Italy of Holistic Health, the longevity supplements collection created by Clinique La Prairie experts after five years of research.

Clinique La Prairie

When two excellences in wellness and beauty meet, an equally exclusive collaboration can be born. This is the case with the arrival in Italy (finally!) of the Holistic Health collection, the luxury supplements conceived and created by the team of experts from the Swiss wellness temple Clinique La Prairie that is distributed by Bakel, the famous skincare brand founded in Udine, Italy in 2008.

Clinique La Prairie treatment

Built around the exclusive Holistic Complex that encapsulates the cutting edge of wellness, Holistic Health is the most sophisticated collection of health routines ever developed to date with the goal of offering Clinique La Prairie’s absolute medical excellence and expertise outside the clinic.

Clinique La Prairie

And so, alongside the protocols that have made it world-famous, Clinique La Prairie is stepping outside its borders to encapsulate its longevity secrets in supplements that can now be purchased directly in select stores.

The central premium formula is Age- Defy, the most innovative longevity supplement, which can be complemented by three other health routines: Balance, Energy, and Purity. All formulas are 100 percent vegan and created by Clinique La Prairie’s scientific team in collaboration with Swiss laboratories. Each routine combines immunity, stress management, anti-inflammatory action, rejuvenation and cellular longevity, the five pillars for healthy living.

Clinique La Prairie Longevity Supplements

Inaugurating distribution in the Italian market at an exclusive event in Milan were Simone Gibertoni, ceo of Clinique La Prairie and Holistic health, and Raffaella Gregoris, ceo of Bakel. Shared by values of expertise, effectiveness and innovation, the two companies intend to develop the Italian market through a network of highly selected outlets for Holistic Health premium supplements.

“We believe there is growing interest in the Italian market for our longevity supplements and their benefits in slowing aging and improving well-being. Holistic Health’s mission is to enable people to live better and healthier lives through the innovation of our lifescience experts and Clinique La Prairie’s 90 years of longevity leadership. We believe that with Bakel, we can reach a discerning Italian audience and spread the importance of taking care of one’s biological processes that underlie longevity.”, Simone Gibertoni comments.

Simone Gibertoni Clinique La Prairie
Simone Gibertoni

Raffaella Gregoris emphasizes the values shared by brands. “Holistic Health’s Longevity supplements represent a consistent expression of the formulations we employ in conceiving our cosmetics: diligent attention to transparency of ingredients, their efficacy and sustainability in their creation. The collaboration with Holistic Health represents a mutual opportunity to disclose with greater involvement caring actions, caring for skin health, telling the story of the need to ensure physical well-being that comes from lifestyles.”

Raffaella Gregoris Formula Clean
Raffaella Gregoris

An agreement that confirms the increasing relevance of the concept of longevity in the world of wellness, which can no longer disregard an integrated approach to a person’s psycho-physical health status.


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