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Exclusive wellness in the SPAs of MIRA Hotels & Resorts, including Ayurvedic practices, innovative techniques and natural cosmetics

Italy and wellness, it is known, go hand in hand and therefore it should come as no surprise that, in our Peninsula, tourism related to the search for wellness experiences is increasingly sought after. This kind of proposal is perfectly answered by the group MIRA Hotels & Resorts, which in its four hotels boasts a rich proposal of wellness experiences that combine ancient rituals and new technologies, massages and dedicated treatments and natural products, to give or treat yourself immersed in the most picturesque places of our Peninsula. La Apulia is represented by theAcaya Golf Resort & SPA and from its Acaya SPA, the Sicily is present with Village of Light The Monasteries and the Zàgara SPA, in Piedmont is located theAlagna Mountain Resort & SPA with its Acqua Bianca Wellness & SPA and finally is located in Tuscany the Riva Toscana Golf Resort & SPA with its Riva Toscana SPA by Starpool.

Spending a stay at one of the MIRA Hotels & Resorts, in fact, means indulging in a deeply rejuvenating experience. This is thanks to genuine, welcoming hospitality and excellence in services offered within the hotel group’s four bioactive resorts. The guest’s well-being is of primary importance: in the SPAs of MIRA Hotels & Resorts , the beauty & wellness offerings are of the highest level. The philosophy with which the MIRA Hotels & Resorts group works for the welcome and well-being of guests is well summed up in the words of Anna Mazzeo, SPA manager of Acaya Golf Resort. “Wellness springs from a perfect synergy between ancient Ayurvedic practices, such as Abhyanga massage and the Shirodhara ritual, Starpool’s most modern dryfloating technique and the most innovative and natural facial/body beauty treatments of Ishi’s Wine and Thalasso Therapy. All immersed in an evocative and relaxing naturalistic atmosphere.”.

Mira hotels & resorts Travel&Spa
La Zàgara SPA, at Borgo di Luce I Monasteri (Sicily).

Wellness in the SPAs of MIRA Hotels & Resorts: between innovation and natural products

In the SPAs of MIRA Hotels & Resorts, it is possible to experience new trends in the wellness world such as Floating Therapy, or dry floating in the absence of gravity, as an innovative method of regenerating the body and mind. MIRA is the first Italian hotel group to choose Zerobody by Starpool to create a new hospitality concept aimed at enhancing guests’ relaxation experience. Zerobody is a special loungerthat, through the therapeutic power of dry float therapy, regenerates the mind and body by floating in weightlessness above 400 liters of warm water, in “dry” mode, without the need to undress. The body, welcomed by warmth, colored lights, a gentle lumbar massage and freed from all external stimuli, relaxes in a unique sensory experience, while the mind is able to express its full potential. It only takes ten minutes to experience the benefits, which range from cognitive enhancement to stress reduction, from better rest to increased physical and mental endurance to muscle recovery.

Zàgara SPA, at Borgo di Luce I Monasteri, has combined this method of psychophysical regeneration with the Nuvola Experience. This ritual includes, during dry flotation therapy, treatments and massages that, at the guest’s choice, intervene to further relax the body or cleanse the skin of the body and face of impurities, with significant wellness benefits. All spas in MIRA group facilities employ the following in their treatments and massages. natural and sustainable products, such as the cosmetic line Emsibeth, the line Ethé for hair care based on plant-derived products, and the biocosmeceutical lines Ishi, in which active ingredients derived from the recovery of natural raw materials such as pomace, must, seeds, tree bark, and fruit stones are used and ennobled.

Winetherapy is a multisensory treatment that captivates and excites by engaging all the senses with excellent wellness performance. The properties of this biocosmeceutical formulation rebalance disharmonies in the body-mind system, combat senescence and stress, restore elasticity, improve circulation and tone, and relax tissues. Thalassotherapy allows for different treatments, depending on where you want to intervene, stimulating protein metabolism and supporting tissue tone and elasticity.

Mira hotels & resorts Travel&Spa
Zerobody by Starpool at the Acaya SPA at the Acaya Golf Resort & SPA (Puglia)

MIRA Hotels & Resorts ‘ bioactive facilities have various stay packages that allow you to fully enjoy the hospitality with outdoor activities and plenty of attention to wellness. Acaya Golf Resort & SPA in Apulia and Village of Light The Monasteries in Sicily, they propose MIRA Deep Floating, 5-night stay with half board, complete with SPA admission, an exfoliating treatment, a moisturizing treatment, the ZeroBody ritual, a SPA wellness path and access to the pool, solarium area and fitness area. Instead, Alagna Mountain Resort & SPA in Piedmont offers the package. Relaxation Among the Mountains, a stay that from 2 nights with half board includes access to the panoramic pool and spa wellness area, a Winetherapy treatment and the Walser ritual that strengthens the immune system, imparts full relaxation, stimulates microcirculation and improves cellular metabolism, thanks to the benefits of alpine herbs. Finally, Riva Toscana Golf Resort & SPA, soon to open, offers a 3-night SPA Experience package including SPA access, a facial or body massage, a spa treatment and a dedicated skin care class. More information at www.mirahotels.com .


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