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Hadriani spa-boat, the floating spa

It isanexclusive traveling wellness and spa experience in a city as unique in the world as Venice. It is the Hadriani spa-boat, a project that combines the worlds of wellness and boating in a combination of relaxation and excitement, luxury and culture. The 21-meter yacht is designed as a true“floating spa“; guests can enjoy an original day of physical and mental relaxation on the waters of the Venetian lagoon, with a unique perspective on one of the world’s most famous squares.

Hadriani SPA Boat
The 21-meter yacht serving wellness, signed Hadriani.

With the help of an expert in the field of wellness environment design and a carpenter, the owner, who is passionate about boating and wellness, designed the sauna, steam room and whirlpool, thus transforming the yacht into a very special spa, both structurally, as it is custom-designed with strategic space management, and functionally, because guests can take a sauna while the boat heads to St. Mark’s Square.

The yacht’s 140 square meters are entirely at the service of wellness: the three bedrooms are also wellness zones with chromotherapy, where you can relax lulled by the motion of the boat, which is equipped with a special anti-wave system that prevents seasickness effects.

A dip in the saline water of the outdoor whirlpool, an Aufguss in the 80-degree Canadian wood sauna, purified seawater steams in the mosaic-tiled steam room with white gold inlays, and a waterfall of water, also seawater, messages.

Hadriani SPA Boat
The exclusive environments of the Hadriani spa-boat

There is also a full line of natural wellness products made in keeping with the holistic philosophy. An almost unique feature of this floating spa is the use of sea water, filtered and purified, with numerous beneficial properties for the skin and the entire body for the circulatory, respiratory and metabolic systems. Once offshore, the water invites a dip in the sea from the yacht’s extendable diving board, which also has four indoor and two outdoor lounging areas.