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Hay wellness at the Hotel Lac Salin SPA & Mountain Resort in Livigno

An immersion of enveloping and total well-being, starting with a scent that smells of nature and mountains. Hay is the protagonist, at theHotel Lac Salin SPA & Mountain Resort in Livigno, of a wellness experience that involves all 5 senses through a special square-shaped chalet, built entirely with hay, to give an unusual experience.

The leitmotif is alpine nature: you enter a cozy, intimate setting to enjoy from the olfactory notes of hay, which can relax and create amuffled atmosphere.

Mandira SPA Edelweiss Livigno

For decades in cutting-edge spas, the hay bath has been among the most popular treatments; the experience
Badent da Fen
, in local dialect, goes further.

Lac Salin Mandira SPA Livigno
Wellness at Lac Salin SPA & Mountain Resort

To access it, one passes through the resort’s in-house spa, the Mandira SPA: here is the herb corner, the Apotheke, where large glass containers hold fragrant alpine herbs with which the SPA team prepares custom-made herbal teas. Crossing the area of the swimming pool we come to the outdoor garden, where the Badent da Fen cottage is located, an exclusive annex of the Mandira SPA, where you can try the experience surrounded by walls of hay, the main element; massage tables are covered with it and a tree with pine cones acts as a unifying element with the relaxation rooms.

hay Lac Salin Livigno
Hay takes center stage at Lac Salin

This is where the sense of smell comes in, bathed in the scent sprayed by the therapist. The knowledge of herbs as natural remedies has made it possible to enhance contact with alpine nature by offering an exclusive face and body treatment: surrounded by the beneficial effects of hay amidst fragrances, infusions and oils, the Badent da Fen ritual reactivates inner energy for new vitality.

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It continues with the effect of special bells on the chakras: the hearing is also stimulated and involved by this beneficial sound. The face is cleansed and massaged with the Mandira ritual and the skin moisturized. The mask prepared with Apotheke’s herbs regenerates facial features, while the body massage is performed with a draining oil, a panacea for the back and legs: the touch is thus also affected.

hay somersault
Hay sculptures in the resort

The Badent da Fen concludes with relaxation accompanied by mountain herbal tea to invite even the taste buds to join in the experience.