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Horizon One and Horizon Glass, an entire gymnasium in 1 square meter thanks to AI

At home, in a hotel, on a yacht: thanks to Italy's Ab Horizon, it is now possible to train anywhere safely and effectively with artificial intelligence.

Horizon One, palestra in 1 metro quadrato
Horizon One

The global wellness economy has reached a value of $5.6 trillion in recent years. A record share resulting from the growing awareness of the importance of movement for mental and physical well-being and the use of increasingly cutting-edge technologies. Prominent in this scenario is the fitness industry , which has a current value of more than $976 billion and forecasts an annual growth rate of 6.7 percent through 2028, according to the latest data from the Global Wellness Economy Monitor 2023.

Home Fitness managed by artificial intelligence

Supporting the constant development are increasingly accurate products and services that, through the use of technology, enable tailored training and programs, monitoring parameters, performance and progress. In Italy, for example, Ab Horizon, an Italian innovator in the field, recently launched Horizon Glass, a home fitness device that uses artificial intelligence to enable safe and effective workouts for everyone.

Horizon Glass, gym with artificial intelligence

In detail, Horizon Glass is equipped with HVision artificial intelligence software that creates an exercise plan customized to each need and guides the correct execution of exercises, turning training into an immersive, risk-free experience.

Horizon Glass, gym with artificial intelligence

It also optimizes the efficiency of each session with an intuitive interface and real-time evaluation. Horizon Glass offers a wide range of programs, including: functional training, yoga, pilates, meditation and anti-aging.

Horizon Glass, gym with artificial intelligence

But the trend of seeking mental and physical well-being now seems to have no boundaries. So much so that even the latest World Tourism Barometer, published by the World Tourism Organization , recorded significant market growths, driven precisely by choices related to the possibility of doing sports and finding well-being.

Horizon One, an entire gymnasium in 1 square meter

With this in mind, Ab Horizon, too, has confirmed itself as a visionary and created Horizon One, a device that, in just 1 square meter, provides an entire gymnasium.

Horizon One, gym in 1 square meter

Extremely versatile due to small size, also equipped with HVision artificial intelligence, Horizon One is establishing itself as a major ally of accommodations and recreational boating to satisfy the desire of tourists and travelers for sport and movement Who, whether on vacation or on a business trip, do not want to give up training.

Horizon One, gym in 1 square meter

Thanks to these innovative solutions AB Horizon, born in Brescia only 4 years ago, to date has already extended its boundaries, counting dealers in countries such as France, Spain and the United Arab Emirates and counts among its clients prestigious shipyards, exclusive hotels and wellness centers. With its new way of thinking about training, AB Horizon has opened a window to the future of fitness.

Horizon One, gym in 1 square meter
Horizon One


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