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Hospitality Forum 2022

Scenari Immobiliari and Castello Sgr present the fourth edition of the event dedicated to the hospitality tourism sector Hospitality Forum 2022. The event will be staged in Milan at Palazzo Lombardia (inside the Testori Auditorium) on Thursday, July 7, 2022 from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. It is an initiative to help revitalize Italian tourism post-pandemic, which aims to bring together operators, investors and institutions in a series of panels.

The Hotel Real Estate Market Report 2022, edited by Real Estate Scenarios, will be presented at the conference.

Hospitality Forum 2022, the hotel real estate scenario

For the hotel real estate industry, the recovery path embarked upon in 2021 continued in early 2022, characterized by uneven trends worldwide, still driven, on the demand side, by the spread of the virus, the distribution of vaccines and the consequent consumer will, and, on the supply side, by acquisition and merger activities involving the chain in every part, from assets owned by listed companies to properties owned by small local businesses.

Global investment volumes in twelve months have more than doubled from 2020, approaching seventy billion euros, with uneven interest in relative location, urban areas, vacation spots and level of facilities. Slightly more than sixty percent of the placements were in the U.S. market, almost entirely represented by the United States, about 27 percent in the Emea area, and less than twelve in Pacific Rim countries.

Hospitality Forum
The 2021 edition of Hospitality Forum

The new normalcy achieved as a result of overcoming the various pandemic waves has initiated processes of redefining space and time use, triggering a profound change in consumer travel behavior.

Despite the concept of hybrid workplace is related almost exclusively to the transformation of the home, the trend is equally affecting the hotel sector, which is directly affected by the crossing of the boundary between private and public appearance, the rethinking of the size and shape of its elements, and the overlapping of functions.

In Europe, investments in the twelve months of 2021 reached 16.8 billion euros, in Italy just under two billion, accounting for 18 percent of total allocations affecting the national real estate market of about 10.7 billion euros.

In this context, the goals of flexibility and versatility will be the driver of 2022 and the next biennium as they respond to the demand of the “new traveler”: unorganized worker, frequent tourist, seasonally adjusted excursionist.

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