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Hotel Pfösl, the days of regenerative fasting

Thereare five days of regeneration and basic fasting, for an extremely effective detox effect, designed by the staff of thePfösl hotel in Nova Ponente, a stone’s throw from Bolzano. The course begins with a consultation by the basic fasting expert, Eva Zelger, who accompanies guests physically and psychologically throughout the week. The proposal includes two Detox treatments created individually by studying personal needs; every day you participate in a rejuvenating ritual in the sauna, surrounded by the nature where the Pfösl hotel is set: 30 hectares of meadows and forests where you can walk and meditate.

Fasting Hotel Pfösl in Nova Ponente
Complete purification through basic fasting at Hotel Pfösl

In fact, every afternoon there are walks and moments of recollection surrounded by trees, and every morning a yoga-based meditation is offered. Morning, noon and evening include basic, natural dishes creatively prepared by the kitchen team, and throughout the day pure spring water and various types of herbal teas are available. Each guest is given organic and purifying products to continue the purifying treatment at home.

Swimming pool Hotel Pfösl in Nova Ponente
The stunning Infinity Pool at the Vitalpina Hotel Pfösl in Nova Ponente

These are the so-called fasting days and are a truly unique experience, considering also the location of the Pfösl Hotel whose comprehensive and varied wellness area is an endless space with views of the Dolomites. From the 25-square-meter outdoor saline Infinity pool, the view sweeps over the Rosengarten, Latemar and Schlern mountains, symbols of the Dolomite beauty of the Alps.

Infinity Pool hotel Pfösl in Nova Ponente
A rejuvenating trail immersed in the nature of the Dolomites

The same view can also be enjoyed from theoutdoor whirlpool, from the outdoor sauna where steam jets can be witnessed daily, from the Kneipp path (you walk barefoot on stones, bark, gravel, shavings, partly with dry feet, partly by dipping your feet into a natural stream that forms a swimmable pond at the end of the path).

Panorama at the Pfösl Hotel in Nova Ponente
An idyllic landscape to regain balance and mental and physical well-being

Panorama that is not lacking even in the very large indoor relaxation area with glass walls, furnished with natural wood and fine fabrics from the area. The hotel’s large garden, also enhanced by a nature trail with herbs, allows guests to sample the plants right where they grow.

Hotel Pfösl in Nova Ponente
At Hotel Pfösl, basic fasting becomes a ritual of full regeneration

With the healthy mountain environment and air, thenatural sensory experiencethen becomes complete and allows one to regain one’s vitality.