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Hair loss is no longer a taboo. Word of Emily Ratajkowski, muse of Kérastase

The beautiful expectant celebrity chooses to share her thoughts, doubts and fears about pregnancy and self-care after childbirth with new mothers. A delicate phase in which many women experience natural hair loss with discouragement. Emily tells you how she faces this challenge with a smile.

That supermodel and actress Emily Ratajkowski is expecting her first child is now well-known news. Unprecedented, however, is her sharing of her new family, her thoughts and fears as a woman(she is usually quite reserved, ed.) in pregnancy.

To do so, she chose to appear in a video in collaboration with Kérastase, a professional luxury haircare brand for which she has been a muse for some time, in which she recounts this magical moment in her life that also brings with it the typical fears of new mothers who see their bodies transform.

Kérastase Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski

Not only that: an always hot topic is the postpartum beauty routine, when a lot of hair is often lost. A problem that plagues many new mothers and not infrequently undermines their self-esteem. It is still talked about too little, which is why new mothers seem to feel almost ashamed of a phase that is completely natural.

Hence, the idea of exploring, in the video ‘Instants of falling,’ the concept of the “falling” in different aspects of life: falling in love with her incoming child, with her new body and with the idea of building a new family unit, but also falling in doubts about her new life as a mother, and finally hair falling, so which haircare routine to adopt.

Kérastase Genesis, for the hair of new mothers

“Never Be Afraid of Falling” or, “NeverBe Afraid of Falling,” states the initiative’s claim. And, to support all new mothers, Kérastase offers the Genesis range with products designed specifically to keep hair strong. Spearhead, vials specifically for temporary fall.

A positive message, embracing the theme of self-esteem, self-acceptance, and choosing to live with joy and serenity at such a special time, as well as any challenge in life. Even when hormones play tricks on us.


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