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A “journey” into the depths of rum between Milan and Rome with The Kraken Rum

A 'beverage tour' to enjoy rum-based drink experiences at two locations-one in Milan and the other in Rome-hosting two major Italian vintage events, the Wunder Mrkt and Vintage Invaders. Accreditation subject to availability.

The Tentacle Days are back! After two years, the entertainment format of The Kraken Rum – the black spiced Caribbean rum distributed by Gruppo Montenegro – launched with great success at Base Milano in 2019, returns.

A ‘beverage’ tour invading two cities with special events and themed drink experiences.

First stop, Milan: an 18-hour non-stop of events that really starts with a bang: the November 5 opens with a private event in collaboration with Le Cannibale at Santeria (Viale Toscana, 31). An evening of Clubbing that, from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m., will entertain the Milanese public with free drinks and the highly anticipated DJ sets of Tamati, Hiroshi and Elena Colombi.

Kraken Rum‘s The Tentacle Days: all dates and links to register for events

How to participate. One can make reservations at https://bit.ly/3eLHzj3 (subject to availability).

The November 6 it continues in style: the tentacles of The Kraken Rum wrap around Wunder Mrkt’s Fall Market., a cult event for lovers of vintage and handicrafts where you can buy handmade creations, unique pieces, design objects, vinyls and art from more than 100 exhibitors cha come from all over Italy.

Kraken Rum - The Tentacle Days - Wunder MRKT

From 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., the spaces of lo Spirit de Milan (Via Bovisasca, 57), a location within the walls of a Bovisa factory that hides an out-of-time universe, are ‘tinged with black’ to overwhelm Market visitors with live music, entertainment, food&drink experience and surprise gifts, all inspired by the mysterious world of the deep sea.

It will be the Day of Wonders: you can see the following at work a glass engraver to figure out how to decorate a bottle, there will be a calligrapher who will make magnificent artistic inscriptions for visitors on old nautical maps, a ceramist who will make marine-themed ceramics, the incredible marine creations for the table of Aquatics Creatures, while Reuse Lab e Toffee Upcycling will show how the art of recycling can transform rum bottles into novel objects, such as, for example, lamps and glasses.

Kraken Rum - The Tentacle Days - Wunder MRKT

From 8 p.m. Tentacle Days transforms into a free admission Tentacle Night to immerse the audience in the atmosphere of an old sailors’ tavern where blues is played with the duo Veronica Sbergia and Max De Bernardi. Until midnight, music and food&drink for all.

Kraken Rum ‘s The Tentacle Days for the first time at Vintage Invaders in Rome

But The Tentacle Days does not stop there. Its tentacles extend for the first time as far as Rome, where, the November 12, conquer Vintage Invaders, a veritable invasion into a 5,000-square-meter pop-up vintage market where you can search through many garments and find unique pieces to weigh and buy by the kilo, with a selection of more than 10,000 kilograms. The public will be spoiled for choice among the myriad of exhibitors: among many, the Happy Market area with its gypsy soul and Ginnika, dedicated to sneakers.

Location of the event, PratiBus (Viale Angelico, 52), a post-industrial space in the heart of Rome where a setting inspired by London‘s Brick Lane Market is recreated.

MeadowsBus - Kraken Rum - The Tentacle Days - Wunder MRKT

From 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., live music, marine-themed food trucks and DJ sets for all guests to see the following at work Mr. Thoms, one of the best known and most appreciated Roman street artists and a ‘dark’ tattoo artist to imprint the Kraken and the tattoos of old sailors on their skin.

The surprise? From 8 p.m. to midnight the scenery changes with a secret party featuring the exclusive live performance of the very young – but already on the crest of a wave – Palestinian-born singer Laila Al Habash.

Music with DJ Set by Smash and a free rum drink for all. Places are limited: to get accredited, you must register here https://vintageinvaders.it/accrediti-kraken/ (subject to availability).

Kraken Rum ‘s tentacles also in the premises

Finally, Tentacle Days also garrison city streets: 8 rooms in Milan (November 4) e 10 rooms in Rome (November 11) where, starting at 9 p.m., rum-loving customers will be involved in a series of ‘kick-ass’ activities such as La Wheel of Fortune with Rudder with which they can test The Kraken Rum’s official drink list and win themed gifts.


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