The history of the Nabi Lakes began in 2013, when a group of entrepreneurs decided to recover an area of abandoned former sand quarries on the Domitian Coast (CE). A project, ambitious and innovative, which envisages the environmental regeneration of the area with the creation of Campania’s first Natural Oasis and a tourist-recreational complex capable of skillfully combining the beauty of nature with the well-being of the person.

Nabi Lakes - Floating Tents

Nabi Lakes, a bet won

Almost ten years later, that project has materialized into a unique and fascinating reality: in fact, the Nabi Lakes are now an oasis appreciated by tourists and visitors from all over the world and an example of environmental redemption and enhancement.

Nabi Lakes panoramic view

The Nature Oasis is a great place to enjoy water activities such as swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. The waters are clear, crystal clear and offer breathtaking views.

Nabi Lakes
Ph. Cannavale

However, the ponds and the green oasis surrounding them are also the ideal place to relax and enjoy nature in a charming and atmospheric atmosphere.

In addition to the lakes, Nabi Lakes is also home to a resort, restaurant, spa, and wellness center. The resort offers different types of accommodations, from scenic suites to striking glamping tents.

The restaurant offers a menu of Mediterranean cuisine with local products. Finally, the spa offers a wide range of treatments for the body and mind.

Nabi Lakes panoramic view

Fall wellness: the charms of the Nabi Lakes during foliage

And it is precisely when nature is dressed in the myriad colors of autumn and the air becomes crisper that the Nabi Lakes oasis releases even more enveloping and fascinating feelings of well-being.

A place where memory, bioarchitecture, and nature are integrated in harmony, ideal for spending vacations and relaxing moments in the cozy and luxurious lake-side tents and lake-view lodges.

Nabi Lakes Tent by the Lake

Or perhaps in the new Safari Tent with an outdoor garden direct to the lake, a large patio with hot tub, armchairs and the bed overlooking a breathtaking view.

Nabi Lakes Breakfast

Admire it from the morning with a breakfast of Campanian delicacies served “in the tent.”

The types of housing are different, but all are in contact with water. An experience to be lived among relaxation and nature.

Also in the Nabi Water SPA, 4 whirlpools at different temperatures, Finnish sauna, emotional shower, steam room, wall with cervical waterfall, salt room, and the thermal temperature infinity pool on the lake where you can immerse yourself in 35° of well-being .

Nabi Lakes Water Spa
Water Spa – Ph. Aquilante

And then relax, pampered by specific treatments, decontracting and holistic, detox, head-neck and couples massages.

Wellness continues at the table where, the strength and wholesomeness of nature’s flavors, an expression of an area that has made environmental and social regeneration its mantra, enter the kitchen to devise new food and wine experiences.

At Nabi Lakes, even the coldest season invites you to experience nature, among lakeside walks, bicycle tours (also possible at nightfall, when Europe’s longest natural luminescence bike path lights up) or on horseback, kayaks and paddleboats, for complete immersion in the landscape, or even lessons in yoga And meditation with sound bath.

Nabi Lakes Water Spa
Water Spa

Tents, Lodges and Resorts: where to sleep in the Nabi Lakes (always in nature)

Welcomed by the luxurious lakeside tents, the stylish lodges suspended over the water of the glamping or the elegant rooms of the Plana Resort, it always feels like living a dream at the Nabi Lakes.

Nabi Lakes Safari Tent and Lodge
A Safari Tent in the Lodge

The types of accommodations are all different and meticulously designed, from the arm warmer to the bamboo toothbrush, the feeling of being immersed in nature is soothing, and each structure – environmentally sustainable and removable – is arranged on lakes so that everyone has their own corner of the landscape to themselves, as if they were in an exclusive retreat on the water.

There is the outdoor patio where for some luxury tents, such as the Safari Tent, with an outdoor garden direct to the lake, there is a dreamy open-air hot tub.

Nabi Lakes Tent by the Lake

Res, the restaurant of resilience and haute cuisine in Nabi Lakes.

Gourmet cuisine with locally grown produce, an expression of the area’s renaissance, sustainable architecture with spectacular views of the lakes, a citrus greenhouse as the entrance. The taste treasure chest of Campania’s first Natural Oasis.

Nabi Lakes RES Restaurant
The restaurant Res

The strength and wholesomeness of nature’s flavors, the expression of an area that has made environmental and social regeneration its mantra, enter the kitchen to devise new food and wine experiences. This is the philosophy of Res, Laghi Nabi’s new restaurant, which with its architecture dominated by natural materials that give way to large windows overlooking the lake, is the tasteful casket of Campania’s first Natural Oasis, created from former sand quarries once in a state of disrepair on the Litorale Domizio (CE) and now an eclectic resort where Luxury tents and environmentally sustainable lodges are suspended between the waters and the vegetation.

Nabi Lakes RES Restaurant

Res is synonymous with resilience, restitution, staying, breathing the air of positive change

These are the values that Chef Emanuele Mosca, who can be seen at work with his brigade while savoring the restaurant’s dishes, expresses in his recipes, a combination of high gastronomy, locally grown raw materials and creative new experiments in line with seasonality.

Lavender, which spreads the scents of its flowers from the reclaimed fields at Nabi Lakes over 15 thousand square meters and can be savored in the baked goods prepared at the restaurant, the extra virgin olive oil that grows on the hills that can be seen from the oasis, honey produced by bees that feed on local biodiversity, are just some of the ingredients used by the chef among fish, local meats and Campanian productions of high quality.

The essences of authentic Mediterranean cuisine invade the senses as early as the restaurant’s special entrance, La Serra, an indoor garden with citrus trees and plants that decorate the wooden seating and invite after-dinner aperitifs or toasts. A natural design space whose lamps echo the style and forms of the Res restaurant, whose elements were made by local artisans from sustainable materials. Res restaurant is open for resort guests as well as outsiders.

Nabi Lakes, the lake takes center stage

Nabi Lakes
Ph. Cannavale

The lake, with its waters populated by ducks and waterfowl, but also by the reflections of the trees that are mirrored with the colors of the sky that change with the passage of time, is the protagonist, offering a different spectacle at every moment. The beauty of the natural scenery is an integral part of the food and wine experience.

And it is a privileged look at a land that is changing its destiny, drawing its lifeblood from the union of Nature and Bioarchitecture, hence the origin of the word NaBi Lakes and the great regeneration project of the entire Oasis.


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