Being catapulted into the different souls of Ticino while being in the heart of Milan is now possible. On the occasion of the Milan Design Week, from April 17 through Sunday, April 23, 2023, as part of the review of events in the context of House of Switzerland in the evocative Pippa Bacca garden in the historic Brera district, it is possible to experience, to learn about, to be fascinated by the artistic, cultural, and environmental richness that a region like Ticino can offer.

Lugano Art Parade, Lugano Region, Fuorisalone Salone del Mobile, Design Week Milan

A magical place that owes its essence and peculiarities to a city like Lugano, a flagship that can tell the tale of that mixture of art, environment, and design that are increasingly penetrating the social, economic fabric of the region.

Lugano Art Parade

Included in the House of Switzerland event series, the Lugano appointment Art Parade celebrates the largest Italian-speaking city outside of Italy, and it could only find a better time than the Fuorisalone event to tell the story of the features that make it such a popular destination for Italians year after year (it is only an hour from Milan).

Lugano Art Parade, Lugano Region, Fuorisalone Salone del Mobile, Design Week Milan

Lugano Region , Ticino Turismo and Switzerland Tourism Italy, with the support of the City of Lugano, offer Lugano’s artistic offerings in all their forms to the international audience of the Furniture Fair.

Because what many people do not know is precisely the proliferation of art in the everyday life of Lugano. A city that has reflected on itself over the years, finding a new identity in culture.

Lugano Art Parade, Lugano Region, Fuorisalone Salone del Mobile, Design Week Milan
Lugano Art Parade, Lugano Region

Lugano is all-around art for everyone. Finding one’s own dimension in the city, which has a population of just 70,000, is now possible thanks to a varied artistic, experiential offering that unites north and south, proposing an immersion in a fascinating, complex world where one breathes in culture at every ancgle.

Theater, music, dance, visual arts. Different souls intersect in Lugano and make it a hub where tradition joins innovation, where the great classics become one with more experimental works, making the city a crossroads where contamination and the unexpected take over, in a magical natural setting between San Salvatore and Monte Brè.

Lugano Art Parade, Lugano Region

From the historian MISEC – Museum of Cultures, which offers a rich program of exhibitions and events dedicated to ethnic and oriental arts, children’s creativity, modern and contemporary art, and the MASI – Museo d’arte della Svizzera italiana, which offers exhibition lines aimed at delving into modern and contemporary art, passing through artists’ associations such as the newly formed GAL – Association of Art Galleries of Lugano, which aims to bring even those who have never crossed the threshold of an art gallery closer to this world, reaching out to the younger generation with Sonnesntube, the name of the nonprofit association made up of a collective of artists, curators, and 30-somethings involved in promoting experimental art and music.

Lugano is Art. Ticino is Culture. Always keeping up with the times. Because if art pervades the essence of Lugano, as well as the entire region, uniting fashion, design, architecture, it is functional to an idea of a city that looks at the advent of technology with openness and a willingness to get involved in the sign of experimentation but without forgetting its own tradition.

Lugano Art Parade, Lugano Region, Fuorisalone Salone del Mobile, Design Week Milan

In Milan with Lugano Art Parade you can get a taste of all this.

The appointment is until April 23, 2023, every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., at Houseof Switzerland Milano / Casa degli Artisti in Via Tommaso da Cazzaniga Corso Garibaldi, 89/A Milan.


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