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New Entry in Sardinia for Grandi Giardini Italiani: the garden of Sant’Efis Hotel

Ph. Dario Sequi

New entry in Sardinia for Grandi Giardini Italiani, the network of Italy’s most beautiful gardens: the Giardino di Sant’Efis Hotel in Pula (Cagliari).

Inside the boutique hotel in Pula, the Garden of Saint Efis, named after San Efisio, the martyr saint revered throughout Sardinia, is strategically positioned, giving hotel guests an unprecedented panoramic view: in fact, it creates a feeling of total immersion in the natural beauty that surrounds it.

For garden lovers, it is always a wonder to wake up in the green, bountiful nature in a boutique hotel, which is inspired by the Sardinian tradition with a modern twist, using handmade colors and materials in perfect harmony with the garden.

Garden of Saint Efis
Ph. Dario Sequi

Sant’Efis Hotel, oasis in the green

Sant’Efis Hotel is a charming boutique hotel surrounded by greenery, an oasis of tranquility, completely renovated recently. Located near Pula (Cagliari), it belongs to Luca Mambrini, a family of Sardinian entrepreneurs who, with passion, have enhanced the island’s tradition and culture, with the aim of creating an atmosphere of refined luxury.

The new Garden of Sant’Efis Hotel, which overlooks the crystal clear sea of Nora Bay on the southwest coast of the Sardinia, has enhanced the white beaches even more, framing them with lush greenery that provides shade and refreshment in summer and pleasant surprises with colorful blooms in the cooler months.

The design of the garden was entrusted to landscape engineer Maurizio Usai, who designed a sensory park, unique in its nuances of color and fragrance, which is the outdoor extension of the hotel; a place where each guest finds his or her own corner to relax.

The first step in creating the garden was to prepare the soil, which is particularly clayey, and to create a deep irrigation system. When needed, water is also drawn from special wells, maintaining a very low salinity level. It was arduous work but gave great satisfaction in the growth of the plants, which were robust and healthy thanks to the nutritious characteristics of the soil.

Saint Efis Hotel
Ph. Dario Sequi

The garden of the Sant’Efis Hotel

In his design of the Garden of Saint Efis., landscape architect Usai wanted to carry on the Sardinian tradition for subtropical plants: in fact, the city of Pula in the 19th century was known for the botanical discoveries of the Marquis of Villarmosa, who acclimated plants discovered mainly in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, importing the first Jacarandas, Ficus magnolioides and Phytolacca. Such plants have adapted perfectly to the climate of Sardinia. So Usai supplemented existing plants, such as palms and dense Strelitzie shrubs, with a collection of Hibiscus among which many varieties came from the Sgaravatti nursery. Near the sea, very rare and striking yellow hibiscus can be seen.

The Garden of Sant’Efis joins another Sardinian garden that has been present within the network for the past 3 years: Beranu Froriu – The Garden of Turri, a park characterized by the blooming of splendid tulips, in the center of the Island.

Even in summer, gardens offer an opportunity for recreation, in which to admire nature, but also to discover our immense artistic and cultural heritage. – explains Judith Wade, CEO of Grandi Giardini Italiani An opportunity also to find relief from the mugginess and crowds of seaside resorts.”

Garden of Saint Efis
Ph. Dario Sequi

There are numerous seaside gardens that are part of the Great Italian Gardens network, which can be visited during the summer vacations, perfect for a break.


Villa Marigola – Lerici, SP
Villa Durazzo – Santa Margherita Ligure, GE
La Cervara – Santa Margherita Ligure, GE
Gardens of Villa della Pergola – Alassio, SV
Villa Grock – Imperia


Villa Imperiale – Pesaro
Villa Caprile – Pesaro


Villa Bell’Aspetto – Neptune, RM
Nicola del Roscio Foundation Botanical Garden – Gaeta, LT


Pietrarsa National Railway Museum – Naples
Negombo Hydrothermal Park – Ischia, NA
La Mortella Gardens – Ischia, NA
Villa San Michele – Anacapri, NA


Garden of Casa Pennisi – Acireale, CT
Radicepura – Giarre, CT
Botanical Garden of Palermo – Palermo
Cuseni House Foundation – Taormina, ME
Villa Schuler – Taormina, ME
Garden of the Impossible – Favignana, TP

With the accession of St. Ephis Garden, the total number of great gardens in the Great Italian Gardens circuit now rises to 145.

For information: www.grandigiardini.it


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