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NIANCE, the new luxury cosmetics line made in Switzerland at Alpenpalace Luxury Hideway & Spa Retreat

The excellence of the proposal in beauty & wellness at the Spa of the 5-star Alpenpalace in Aurina Valley is enriched with NIANCE, the luxury cosmetic line produced entirely in Switzerland and designed to revolutionize the concept of holistic treatment of health and beauty inside and out, exclusively in Italy only at Alpenpalace.

Holistic beauty rituals at theAlpenpalace Luxury Hideaway & Spa Retreat in the Ahrn Valley, South Tyrol. With the new luxury line NIANCE, cosmetic house made in Switzerland, the 5-star hotel’s spa offers guests the opportunity to enjoy treatments that guarantee long-lasting results and are aimed at the achieving one’s balance, In and out, and to ensure all-around rejuvenation and well-being.

As he explains Jonas Mairhofer, director of Alpenpalace: “We chose the NIANCE line because it was created in Switzerland, a place that has always At the forefront of medical and cosmetic research and development, as well as very similar to South Tyrol in terms of the incredible beauty Of landscape and nature; also we are the first in Italy to introduce it in the beauty & wellness proposal of our Spa, because we want to offer our guests treatments that act in depth: in fact, the line also makes use of supplements with visible and lasting effects, inside and outside“.

NIANCE Alpenpalace Luxury Hideway & Spa Retreat

Beauty is only superficial, they say. In fact, the secret of true beauty is hidden deep inside. The key to purity and persistence lies in nature, and the skin is also part of this balance. NIANCE has adopted this principle and developed exclusive and holistic beauty rituals that go beyond the surface of the skin.

NIANCE, exclusive treatments at the Alpen Spa

Among the many treatments NIANCE offers for Her&Him, Spa Alpin offers, among others:

  • The intensive facial (60-minute duration) has an illuminating, firming and nourishing action giving the skin a new, fresh and clear appearance, as well as having the ability to provide a smoothing effect thanks to the vitamins present;
  • The anti-aging and relaxing body treatment (90-minute duration) gives a new radiance to the skin thanks to the purifying and deep peeling action. It also reduces the circumference of the abdomen, hips and thighs, reshaping and purifying the whole body;
  • Exclusively for Him, the line offers the relaxing anti-aging treatment for both face and body that provides an invigorating and revitalizing effect (120-minute duration).

NIANCE has also developed, a system of techniques designed for cabin sessions that complete the skin care and beauty proposal, thanks to which even the most demanding clients find full satisfaction. From the very first session, in fact, the skin looks rejuvenated, fresher and tighter.

NIANCE Alpenpalace Luxury Hideway & Spa Retreat

With its unique and exclusive Swiss Glacier Complex®, NIANCE activates and stimulates the natural anti-aging process With the new proposed the Alpin Spa at Alpenpalace gives guests access to perfectly functional, unique, effective and proven products from the high quality of Swiss clinical research and treatments designed for inner and outer health and beauty, ensuring a exclusive relaxation vacation for body, mind and soul immersed in the calm and nature of the Ahrn Valley in South Tyrol.


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