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Palazzo di Varignana presents 4 new SPA treatments with products from its land

Regaining well-being through the properties of nature: this is the proposal of Palazzo di Varignana , an exclusive resort and farm nestled in the hills of Bologna. Inside it houses a 150-hectare olive grove, the largest inEmilia Romagna, to which are added vineyards, orchards, vegetable gardens and a rare production of saffron, resulting in raw materials of the highest quality, genuine and rich in beneficial properties.

Some of these-extra virgin olive oil, Sangiovese grapes, saffron and pomegranate-now become the stars of a new line of SPA products used in five treatments within the resort:

– Fresh Legs treatment with pomegranate , with refreshing, invigorating and draining action

Saffron anti-pollution well-age facial treatment. , ideal for brightening the skin

Olive Oil Ritual Massage e Olive Oil Oleaster Body Treatment with the award-winning EVO oil from Palazzo di Varignana, helps fight skin aging.

Men’s hydrated skin facial treatment with Sangiovese. , a grape rich in polyphenols and particularly suitable for men’s skin.

To complete each treatment, guests will be offered the special Olive Leaf Herbal Tea from Palazzo di Varignana.

Palace of Varignana Travel&Spa

Born from in-depth research, the products used in the new SPA treatments at Palazzo di Varignanaexpress all the deep connection with the territory, combining natural ingredients with ecological cosmetics of the highest quality. In the treatments, the active ingredients of the raw materials are amplified by the massage technique to give precious moments of well-being inside Varsana SPA, a 3700-square-meter oasis of relaxation.

Pomegranate, the miracle fruit

Palace of Varignana Travel&Spa

At Palazzo di Varignana , there are 2674 pomegranates grown on an area of 6 hectares. Their fruit is a vitamin concentrate with numerous therapeutic potentials: an elixir of health as well as beauty. Pomegranate seeds contain within them the ideal formula for treating dehydrated, irritated, reddened and stress-scarred skin. In addition, the watery extract rich in beneficial properties of pomegranate helps give tissues new energy and vitality.

Based on these properties, Palazzo di Varignana has created the “ Pomegranate Fresh Legs Treatment” , a refreshing and elasticizing 50-minute treatment ideal for combating the feeling of heavy legs, making them visibly firmer. It starts with an exfoliating massage, made using Palazzo di Varignana’s pomegranate detox scrub with eco-friendly microcellulose granules. A process that promotes the absorption of the Sangiovese energizing mist, which is sprayed directly onto the skin. This product has multiple actions, moisturizing, refreshing and balancing: rich in polyphenols it is a strong antioxidant for our skin and improves microcirculation. The treatment ends with a cold leg wrap that provides a soothing and relieving effect

Saffron, new frontier of luxury cosmetics

Palace of Varignana Travel&Spa

Saffron is produced at Palazzo di Varignana within theRio Rosso Garden Garden Garden, extracted from the three stigmas contained in the corolla of the Crocus sativus flower. In addition to being among the most valuable spices in the world, it is also a flower rich in skin beauty benefits. Its revitalizing and antioxidant action helps keep the epidermis pure, radiant and healthy.

To make the most of its properties, Varsana SPA has created the new “ Saffron anti-pollution well-age facial treatment” , an 80-minute anti-aging and anti-pollutionmassageusing saffron from Palazzo di Varignana. The course begins with a comprehensive checkup to analyze the state of the skin using state-of-the-art machinery. The antioxidant properties of saffron pistils, combined with pure vitamin C, help maintain skin vitality, providing a satisfying sensation of cleanliness and radiance, effectively eliminating impurities and excess sebum, purifying pores and counteracting the appearance of blackheads.

Extra virgin olive oil, the green gold of Palazzo di Varignana

At Palazzo di Varignana 150 hectares of hectares give life to an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality that has won awards and recognition around the world. At the resort, oil is an all-around protagonist, becoming the basis for two signature treatments Due to its cosmetic properties. Indeed, recent studies show that the fat composition of olive oil is very similar to the sebum of human skin and that among vegetable oils it has the highest affinity to the lipid layer of the skin. This makes it a natural antiaging for dermal reconstruction. It is also rich in beneficial substances: vitamin E, vitamin A, Squalene, unsaturated fatty acids and beta-carotene.

L’ “Olive Oil Ritual Massage” is a complete and gentle 50- or 80-minute ritual with a strong nourishing action, thanks to the countless properties of the prestigious local olive oil. This is brushed all over the body with slow, relaxing movements, followed by a massage with the moisturizing emulsion also made with olive oil from Palazzo di Varignana. The ritual ends with the application to the face of the serum and the exclusive anti-pollution cream made with the Palazzo di Varignana brand pomegranate.

The Olive Oil Oleaster Body Treatment” is a 50-minute elasticizing treatment that begins with a body exfoliation, followed by an enveloping massage with vegetable butters enriched with Palazzo di Varignana olive oil, for exceptionally soft and toned skin. Designed for those who want to deeply nourish their skin and fight blemishes such as stretch marks, but at the same time want to pamper themselves with a precious moment of relaxation.

Sangiovese, for the well-being of man.

Palace of Varignana Travel&Spa

The Palazzo di Varignana estate also has 35 hectares of vineyards in which mostly native grapes are grown. Small, yet extremely rich in properties known since antiquity, grapes stand out for their purifying, cleansing and anti-aging effects. Its juices provide a burst of energy to the skin, firming, exfoliating, smoothing and giving it renewed elasticity.

Varsana SPA offers the Sangiovese hydrated skin facial treatment for men ,” a 50-minute anti-aging facial massage designed specifically formen. Designed for skins that need to fight the signs of aging, it is made using a gel and Sangiovese face mist from Palazzo di Varignana. The treatment stands out for its moisturizing power thanks to the action of Sangiovese bioflavonoids and pure vitamin C-the right mix for the dullest and most demanding skin.


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