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Posta Marcucci – We believe in human beings

Agift, to give thanks in a concrete way to those who are risking their own lives to save the lives of others in these days of grave emergency. Thus was born the “We Believe in Human Beings” initiative that the Costa family, owners of the Posta Marcucci hotel in the heart of the beautiful Val d’Orcia, decided to launch on behalf of all the doctors, inferimers and resuscitators who are facing the Covid-19 emergency on the front lines.

A day of free hospitality, extendable to family members or a companion, in the peaceful oasis of Borgo Vignoni, as a panacea to soothe a period of very strong physical and psychological stress when this is over.

And if the Val d’Orcia is listed as a World Heritage Site, this gesture makes us aware that “the real heritage is the people who are giving everything, even their lives, to deal with an unprecedented emergency.”

The images used for the We Believe in Human Beings campaign were taken by a nurse in the trenches of Cremona’s intensive care unit, Paolo Miranda, as a dramatic-but also highly humane-testimony to work done from the heart. Passionate about photography, never having time for his hobby, he took his camera and brought it with him to the ward on these days to document work in the trenches. Paul lives with his wife Corinne, also a frontline nurse.

The first image (on the cover) depicts Monica, a nurse who has just received the result of her swab. She is afraid; she has been in close contact with a person who tested positive for the virus. She runs, screams, laughs and finally cries with happiness in a hug to her colleague: her swab is negative. Monica is a very composed person, but in the face of such joy she let herself go. We are human, we are also afraid.

Posta Marcucci - We believe in human beingsThe second portrays a nurse; her name is Donata. A child in her ward drew the mask she is wearing, or perhaps removing. In any case, behind those eyes closed with weariness is the immense weight these people have on their shoulders.

Shots that are exemplary of a dramatic condition but full of humanity, which the Posta Marcucci Hotel wants-at least in part-to repay.

The invitation is valid from June 21 to Sept. 18, 2020 (excluding the period from Aug. 06 to Aug. 16), Sunday through Thursday, and includes free room, for two people or a family, for one night with bed and breakfast and access to the spa area.
The invitation is dedicated to all health care personnel who have faced the front line of emergency rooms or intensive care units; a copy of the work bagde and a certificate of work in the emergency and urgent and intensive care units of Italian Hospitals will be requested at the time of booking confirmation.

Reservations can be made by contacting the hotel reservation office: albergo@postamarcucci.it