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Private SPA for couple in Umbria

A romantic weekend in the heart of Italy, embraced by rolling hills and Umbrian nature. Indulge in wellness pampering that is good for body and soul at the region’s largest spa. Relax, recharge and fall in love all over again. It’s easy withthe evocative atmosphere of Borgobrufa SPA Resort***** inTorgiano, surrounded by beautiful scenery, for a stay of intimacy and charm.

Private Spa

If you are looking for a romantic and special treatment designed for the couple, the Wellness Rituals held within the exclusive Private SPAs are ideal.

Borgobrufa Private SPA
The Private SPA of Borgo Luxury – Ph. Andrea Getuli

Among them, “Source of Nature,” for example, allows one to experience the ritual “Beat of Eternity“: a journey out of time to return to the primordial source of life, the origin of being. A massage in which hand percussion will move the body to the flow of lightness, enveloped by the breeze and sounds that will lull the mind. Taste, on the other hand, will be delighted by a thematic tasting. (110 min. 149 euros per person)

Instead, the private SPAs “Tesori del Borgo” and “Acqua & Fiori” come together to create the “Borgo Luxury“: 130 sq. m. of exclusive-use spa with whirlpool pool, underwater chromo and music therapy, steam bath, waterbed, imperial tub and sauna. Along the way, a flûte of bubbles accompanied by appetizers will make the experience even more enjoyable (100 min. 149 euros per person).

The 4 Elements and the Saline Pathway

Earth, fire, air and water are the four basic natural elements from which Borgobrufa SPA Resort draws inspiration for the Elements Massage . Inspired byair, Tibetan, helps work on the lightness of movement of lymphatic, nervous and energy flows; it brings us back to the essence and rediscovering our vitality. The Ra of the Pharaohs, on the other hand, reflects the element of fire, an element of transformation that helps calm present contractures by injecting new energy. Wunkuafrica is inspired by the element of matter, the earth, and gathers within itself all the power needed to implement unlocks on the physical body. Finally,water with the Acquarmonia treatment leads you out of space and time to relax and listen to yourself. Each massage is available in two versions: 45 minutes at a cost of 85 euros, or 75 minutes at a cost of 125 euros.

Borgobrufa Private SPA
Ph. Andrea Getuli

Another essential element for humans is salt. Among its many beneficial properties, salt rids the body of toxins, allows tissue oxygenation, reactivates microcirculation, effectively combats water retention, and reduces inflammation of the respiratory system. In Borgobrufa SPA’s Saline Path you can try two wellness treatments in particular. The Purification and Relaxation Floating Salt Bath consists of immersing the body in a high-salt pool in which to be lulled by underwater music and color therapy. The journey continues with relaxation in the salt area, where clouds of salt steam promote breathing and clear the mind (25 min. exclusively for the couple, 25 euros per person). The Exclusive Sound Bath is a relaxing water treatment accompanied by the harmonious sound of Tibetan bells, an immense source of energy and spirituality. The properties of salt make this experience unique (25 min. 32 euros per person).

Charm and relaxation in Umbria’s largest spa

With its 3,000 square meters it is the largest SPA in Umbria!Borgobrufa’s SPA consists of several charming spaces where you can dedicate yourself completely to wellness and relaxation. In addition to the Private SPA for couple’s pampering and the Saline Path with its properties, theAemotio SPA, for example, allows you to benefit from personalized color therapy and a warm filiform rain shower that always gives new sensations. Natural essences, meditative music and polychromatic lighting characterize the Vitarium, and then more warmth and intoxicating scent in the Nature Sauna and Steam Bath. For cooling the body and reactivating blood circulation, the original Snow Crystals room offers a maximum temperature of 12°C and rejuvenating snowfall.

Particularly atmospheric, ideal for the couple is the Star Room: dark as night, illuminated by a myriad of bright stars, a place to completely relax. Other locations designed to promote meditation, calm and relaxation through the careful use of colors, lighting and music are definitely the Fireplace Room, thePanoramic Relaxation Area and the Sensory Relaxation Room.

Borgobrufa Private SPA
The heated swimming pool – Ph. Andrea Getuli

Open year-round, the swimming pool with heated water provides a breathtaking view of the rolling Umbrian hills that fills the eye and the heart. Through sliding underwater doors, one can safely move from the indoor to the outdoor pool and enjoy whirlpool barrels and relaxation jets for total well-being.

Borgobrufa SPA Resort – Via del Colle 38, Torgiano (PG)
www.borgobrufa.it – www.elementifinedining.it


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