It is trending private for hospitality wellness. Today, the wellness experience is “served in the room.” Rooms are transformed into private spas, complete, functional, and at the exclusive disposal of the guest, who can enjoy their experience in total intimacy, privacy, and security.

White Relais SweetSpa Crystal White by Starpool
One of the SweetSpa Crystal White by Starpool at the Bianca Relais

Shutting oneself in one’s room and opening oneself to a deep path of personal regeneration is the new luxury. Outside, the noise, the daily stress; inside, a new dimension of well-being in which to devote oneself to the care of body and mind.

This is the concept also adopted by the new Bianca Relais(, a boutique hotel nestled in 11 thousand square meters of parkland and overlooking the placid shores of Lake Annone, in Oggiono.

The only 5-star hotel in the province of Lecco, it is the result of a radical renovation of a 1950s building by interior designer Giuseppe Manzoni, architects Rita Consonni and Carlotta Manzoni, with the support of network companies Theatro Italy (, of which also Starpool ( is a partner.

Bianca Relais Wellness Room by Starpool
A Wellness Room at the Bianca Relais, signed by Starpool

At the guest’s disposal are ten custom-designed rooms, eight of which are true Wellness Suites, complete with an indoor SweetSpa Starpool: a symbolic product of Italian wellness-design, designed by Cristiano Mino in 2008 and winner of the Red Dot Design Award.

White Relais Starpool SweetSpa Crystal White
White Relais Starpool SweetSpa Crystal White

Private wellness today is undoubtedly the benchmark wellness trend for the contract and hospitality sectors; a trend that had already emerged before Covid-19, but which obviously the current situation has helped accelerate. The spa is evolving toward a more intimate, private dimension , at this time also a guarantee of greater security”: explains Riccardo Turri, Starpool CEO.

Starpool SweetSpa
Starpool’s SweetSpa concept

SweetSpa is a professional spa, complete with steam bath, shower and experience shower, in only 3 square meters of space. Perfect for private spa and hotel environments and for the home sector, it is a concentrate of design, innovation and technology at the service of the user. The wellness experience can be customized by choosing the color of the lights, the music set, and the desired effects, thanks to the sp.a_system pathways: Excite, Relax, Tonic, and Purify. Attention to energy conservation and fuel economy is provided by the Green Pack and Touch Display systems.

Even today, more than 10 years later, SweetSpa remains the steam bath with the highest hygiene standards in the industry. Leaks reduced to less than 1%, use of non-porous cladding materials in large format slabs, benches suspended and detached from walls to prevent water stagnation, floors easy to sanitize. Laying the coatings in-house ensures greater reliability of sealing and sealing over time. SweetSpa is a timeless product, a testament to the value of well-made in Italy.

Bianca Relais room
A room at the Bianca Relais

The Wellness Suites designed by Starpool thus decline to wellness the concept that guided the entire renovation of Bianca Relais: to be a luxury home not just a hotel, in which to live authentic and tailor-made experiences.

Bianca Relais

Bianca Relais is the result of a radical redevelopment of an existing structure that has been a gastronomic landmark in the Oggiono area for more than 60 years. Nestled in a prime location on the shores of Lake Annone, just minutes from Lake Como, and surrounded by a park of 11 thousand square meters, Bianca Relais today is the first 5-star hotel in the province of Lecco.

The delicate process of renovation and expansion overseen by designer Giuseppe Manzoni, architects Rita Consonni and Carlotta Manzoni, in collaboration with engineer Alberto Invernizzi and with the support of companies in the Theatro Italia network, led to the creation of 10 rooms, including 8 suites, named “Bianca Relais,” the restaurant “Bianca sul Lago by Emanuele Petrosino,” and the bistro “Drop.”

Bianca Relais
Bianca Relais, 5 stars in the province of Lecco

Bianca Relais is a luxury home, rather than a hotel, that aims to offer its guests an authentic, tailor-made experience. The concept is particularly highlighted within the spacious rooms where the quality of time and space is the real wealth of today.

Bianca is a home away from home, where water meets rock and time seems to stand still.


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