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Purmontes, the beneficial power of water

sclusiveness and well-being in the sign of water. One could sum up Purmontes‘ offerings in this sentence, almost a claim. A luxury resort composed exclusively of chalets in the heart of South Tyrol, almost a contemporary architectural village that blends into the landscape, interpreting luxury in a new way and in a secluded, intimate setting, where the close relationship with nature plays a key role.

PURMONTES - PRIVATE LUXURY CHALET - Photo: Florian Andergassen

In Purmontes water is the protagonist: each chalet has Private outdoor pools heated year-round, where one can relax at any hour of the day or night, when bathing becomes an evocative moment to be savored in the privacy of one’s own garden; a swim under the celestial vault with the song of crickets or deep silence as a background.

PURMONTES - PRIVATE LUXURY CHALET - Photo: Florian Andergassen
The charming and relaxing environments of the Purmontes

Chalet suites, on the other hand, promise total relaxation with the large jacuzzi. You turn on the scenic lights that look like vivid, authentic flames and enjoy an almost surreal, almost magical atmosphere, enveloped by the faux tongues of fire, savor bathing with the jets of the whirlpool.

PURMONTES - PRIVATE LUXURY CHALET - Photo: Florian Andergassen

Sensory Sky, Purmontes’ spa simulates weather events to influence moods

The Purmontes SPA, then, allows sensations of absolute well-being thanks to the Sensory Sky: an experience that touches all the senses, with different types of rain, mist, lights and scents coming together to create choreography inspired by atmospheric phenomena and moods in nature. You let yourself be enveloped in warm tropical rain, or in the embrace of the intangible, fragrant mist, and regenerate yourself with the cold water jet, also enveloped by color therapy.

PURMONTES - PRIVATE LUXURY CHALET - Photo: Florian Andergassen

The hot tub is set in a prime location: you lie down on the jets and the view is the sky: the ceiling above is a large window to admire the clouds and stars. A novel and impressive vantage point for total relaxation.

In the SPA, a large all-glass open space, light and landscape enter the environment: the loungers are situated above a carpet of authentic moss, for an enveloping feeling of well-being in close contact with a natural material, reminiscent of the forest.

At Purmontes, water also remains the protagonist thanks to its scenic pond, where in warm weather you can cool off and regenerate among deck chairs, wooden piers, rocks and relaxation niches.