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Renon, the Riviera of the Dolomites

It is the mountain par excellence of Bolzano, South Tyrol’s capital city, and is a popular destination for elite tourism: hiking, tradition, culture, vacationing, and wellness. The Ritten, not coincidentally called the Plateau of the Sun, is located in the heart ofSouth Tyrol and is quickly and conveniently accessible from Bolzano via the Ritten cable car, which connects the city center with Soprabolzano in a short time across lush green meadows and forests.

Ritten_Keschtnweg © Renon Tourism Association Photo Achim Meurer
Ritten_Keschtnweg – Photo Achim Meurer

Also nicknamed the Riviera of the Dolomites, Renon has a long history of welcoming tourists: as far back as the 1600s, the nobles of Bolzano stayed on these heights to escape the city’s heat; it is said that the so-called
, the summer resort.

The Freud Trail - Renon - Photo by Achim Meurer
Freud’s Path – Photo: Achim Meurer

“Divinely beautiful and cozy”-it was with these words that Sigmund Freud described the Ritten to Carl Gustav Jung in the early 1900s; patrician villas and Art Nouveau holiday homes still testify to the plateau’s centuries-old tradition as a top vacation destination. An exclusive destination consisting of pretty villages not far from each other such as Soprabolzano, Collalbo, Auna di Sopra, Longostagno, Costalovara…

As early as the 1600s, Bolzano nobles stayed on the heights of the Ritten to escape the city’s heat

Rittner Horn - Photo Lorenz Lang
View from the Rittner Horn – Photo: Lorenz Lang

Not much has changed in Renon since ancient times; the sense of peace and tranquility remains unchanged.

Renon train - Photo Alex Andreis
The Renon Train – Photo Alex Andreis

Renon’s offerings are diverse and complete: from the toy train which, since 1907 has connected the different centers of the plateau inviting guests to forget their cars in the valley, to the famous and impressive earth pyramids, the result of a geological phenomenon of moraine rock erosion that began about 25 thousand years ago to activities, recreational and otherwise, for the families.

Earth Pyramids Soprabolzano Renon - Photo by Achim Meurer
The Earth Pyramids in Soprabolzano – Photo: Achim Meurer

With as many as 300 days of sunshine a year, in every season the Ritten offers the chance to regenerate strength through a privileged contact with nature.

Mountainbike Renon - Photo Tiberio Sorvillo
Photo: Tiberio Sorvillo

There is, of course, no shortage of green trails of different types for hiking and trekking, mountain bike trails, horseback riding and sports opportunities, as well as a diverse range of cultural and culinary events.

Renon Gastronomic Races
The Renon Gastronomic Races

Offer that cannot be separated from a comprehensive hotel reception, made up of hotels and resorts of excellence different from each other, for a total mixture of ancient and modern, but united by a high level of services offered that includes, in most cases, wellness centers and in-house spas, for absolute wellness for body and mind.


Top photo: Lake Costalovara – Photo by Achim Meurer