Mayans, ancient Greeks, Romans, and the Scandinavian peoples were great admirers of the beneficial effects of the sauna, which purifies the body, relaxes muscles, eliminates toxins and dead cells, improves circulation, strengthens the immune system, makes you slim, and above all gives great pleasure.

A very ancient practice that is renewed today, in the most beautiful spas, with spectacular panoramic SAUNAS.

Three scenic saunas you absolutely must try

Directly on the slopes of Plan de Corones and Sellaronda, theExcelsior Dolomites Life Resort in San Viglio di Marebbe (BZ), in its futuristic Excelsior Dolomites Lodge, boasts the exclusive Dolomites Sky Spa, intended for adults only, equipped with alarge panoramic sauna dominating the roofs of the idyllic village of San Vigilio eproposes regenerating vapor jets. Don’t miss diving into the infinity pool on the rooftop with unparalleled views of the Dolomites (Tel. 0474 501036,

Also in Val Badia, at the Romantik Hotel Cappella di Colfosco (BZ), freshly renovated (which sees among other works the outdoor relaxation area of the wellness center expanded by more than 1,300 square meters), the Panoramic sauna stands directly on the magnificent ski slopes of the Sellaronda, which run right next to the hotel and can be admired while sitting comfortably and enjoying the beneficial vapors (Tel. 0471 836183,

The 5-star Romantik Hotel Turm in Fiè allo Scilar (BZ), a 13th-century building with a view of the Dolomites, offers an unforgettable, almost “mystical” experience in the new Mystic Sauna, admiring the lush garden and peaks from the large glass window, while indulging in steam jets with the sauna master (Tel. 0471 725014,


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