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Sciocolà Modena: the 3rd Artisan Chocolate Festival is back

GP Major Events has finally revealed the dates of Italy’s most mouth-watering event, “Sciocolà Modena’- Chocolate Festival” which returns for the third edition in the historic center of Modena from October 29 to November 1. Thanks to the massive vaccination campaign and the pandemic trend, the organizing group is confident that it will be possible to resume to resume events in attendance, a factor of community, a way of being, a way of life of ours, that cannot be postponed indefinitely.

Piazza Grande, Via Emilia Centro and Corso Duomo will be the protagonists of the sweetest event of the year, loved by young and old alike, a great festival attracting all Artisan Chocolate lovers who will be able to taste, buy and discover chocolate in all its nuances. The event is free admission, promoted by CNA Modena, organized by SGP Grandi Eventi in partnership with Acai and sponsored by the City of Modena.

All the events and initiatives of Sciocolà Modena

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During the course of Sciocolà Modena , there will be an opportunity to discover three major chocolate districts, Modica, Perugia and Turin, the three territories that most represent Italy’s Chocolate, and representative companies from these districts will be present at the Modena event.

To discover them, people can take advantage of a rich schedule of free events, including challenges, showcooking, tastings, gastronomic-cultural meetings, children’s workshops and traveling shows. A sensory journey where it will be possible to learn about the world of chocolate, from classics to cremini, from truffles to macarons, from liqueur dragèes to rum cunesi and the ever-present flavored bars, chocolate fountains and spreads.

The event begins immediately with a must-attend event: the cocktail designed for the event, Cocoa Black Gold, will be unveiled to taste right away the perfect combination, in liquid format, between chocolate and balsamic vinegar and made by Boutique del Dolce. Once again this year, a Modenese personage who has distinguished himself or herself will be honored with the Sciocolà d’Oro Award, and the Sciocolà in Rosa Ruby Award is established for the first time, tracing the historic award but dedicated exclusively to the pink quota.

Special guests and big dates

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Throughout the event, a true work of art will be displayed on the pavement of Tower Square: theInfiorata, the floral creation of a majestic design in homage to the great master Leonardo Da Vinci.

There will also be no shortage of major events for which the festival is now nationally known, such as the maxi chocolate sculptures and the Chocolate Factory where people will be able to watch the processing steps that lead to the creation of the Nectar of the Gods. And right here you might meet Sciocolino, the very sweet and friendly mascot Chocolate Bear, who will roam the Historic Center of Modena to give smiles and cheer.

Several showcooking and tasting sessions are not to be missed: from that of Gabriella Gasparini, TV face, cook, writer, food blogger, and visualfood trainer for a pairing of chocolate and balsamic vinegar; to the 4-handed one between chef Alessia Morabito and the chef Francis Rompianesi with two oriental-inspired recipes, obviously based on chocolate and vinegar while there will be no less than 4 showcooking sessions by Modena at the Table. With Christmas just around the corner, Ivan D’Avino, a pastry chef from Modena, will present his chocolate and black gold panettone from Modena.

Sciocolà Travel & Spa

In addition, during the days of the festival, in all participating restaurants it will be possible to have a real tasting with specially designed menus based on chocolate and balsamic vinegar. If the anticipation of pleasure is pleasure in itself, all that is left to do is to start enjoying the anticipation by savoring the atmosphere that will accompany one of Italy’s most mouth-watering festivals!


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