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Silena: digital detox in the room of silence

A quiet room where you can close your eyes and banish stress, read a good book, and relax while looking at the mountains through large windows? At Silena in Valles, South Tyrol, there is. And between breathing exercises and guided meditations, yoga and Qi Gong, digital detox is assured.

Silena room of silence

Shhhh…. tiptoe in, snuggle up on one of the comfortable mats arranged in a semicircle, in one of the stylish bird cages hanging from the ceiling or in a rocking chair with a view of the mountains…close your eyes and relax…. no cell phone ringing, no pc keyboard noise…just silence and you.

The silence room, an oasis of absolute peace to escape from stress

Welcome to SILENA ‘s wonderful “silence room , ” 80 square meters of light and tranquility where you can let go of your thoughts and experience a full-fledged digital detox. Yes, because only books come in here, for pleasant moments devoted to reading, or music, to listen to on headphones for absolute relaxation.

Silena room of silence

SILENA, a retreat hotel nestled on the Valles plateau at 1,350 meters above sea level, is a jewel set in a fairy-tale landscape where you can unplug and immerse yourself in a world of experiences that caress body and mind.

A buen retiro exclusive and elegant that not surprisingly calls itself “the soulful hotel“: here the soul is at the center of everything, according to A philosophy of well-being born out of frequent travels to the East and translated into a language that takes into account, yes, Southeast Asian influences but also South Tyrolean culture and the importance of the contact with nature for a inner peace absolute that goes beyond the room of silence.

Silena room of silence

A wellness concept that is expressed in the embrace of Yin and Yang, East and West, and that can be felt throughout the hotel (4-star Superior, opened in 2017) from the Interior design inspired by the art of feng shui: focused on the essentials, clean forms and built with natural materials, the hotel transfigures the striking outdoor landscape through the large windows and large roof windows with sky views, to a total wellness experience that aids in the attainment of inner serenity and mental and physical balance.

Silena panoramic sauna

Nature, which embraces the entire hotel, is present in every detail: in the colors, fabrics and furnishings of the exclusive rooms and suites, all of which are very spacious and elegant, (don’t miss the Soulful Rooftop Suite top floor, 65 sqm with private terrace, kingsize four-poster bed, sauna and fireplace, and the two Literature Junior Suite with selection of fine books, sofas with reading lamps, and a comfortable shelf for reading while immersed in the bathtub) and the common areas, from the restaurant to the spa, from the tea library to the literary lounge.

Silena Soulfoul Literature Suite
Literature Suite

SILENA is a secret retreat away from stress, anoasis of privacy, a hotel that “makes a difference” with many unique and valuable strengths to discover.

The Silena SPA

Silena SPA

1,550 square meters divided into two rooms connected by a direct elevator: the spa at SILENA is a true paradise where you can rediscover yourself, unplug and feel free, treating yourself to some pampering and recovering the harmony between body and mind that daily stress mercilessly erases.

Below, the wellness center with its massage rooms (not to be missed are those with hot mud bags or granite stones) and direct access to the Garden of Being (where you can meditate or walk on grass and moss for direct contact with the Earth); above, the new Panorama Spa on the terrace, an energetic place just a step away from the sky where you can breathe in the fresh mountain air and enjoy the magnificent landscape through the glass windows of the panoramic sauna (80-100 °C and revitalizing infusions), of the silence room (80 sqm with breathtaking views where you can indulge in relaxation and let go of your thoughts), of the outdoor living room with brazier, of theinfinity pool, the herbal biosauna, the forest-scented steam bath and the many private alcoves.

SIlena zone of silence

Or of the exclusive SILENA Silence Suite, a private spa to be reserved for special moments complete with Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, Jacuzzi, four-poster bed and an individual wellness program with beauty treatments and massages.

Silena SPA

The gourmet restaurant

SILENA restaurant isnot just any restaurant, it is something special, something unprecedented, something unique. Design space whose colors and materials recall the environment of the Valles high peat bog (smoked oak floors and tables, wooden objects, natural tones) and taste laboratory that expertly combines the flavors of South Tyrol with culinary influences from Southeast Asia: An open window to the world with its roots firmly in the land.

SILENA Restaurant

Here you can thus enjoy the old local recipes of crescent rolls, dumplings, and Kaiserschmarrn and at the same time Tyrolean dim sum, South Tyrolean spring rolls, and cheese sushi-spätzle.

SILENA Restaurant

A cuisine that knows how to amaze and win over even the most discerning palates with constant attention to the quality of ingredients that are good, fresh and sustainable. In the summer months, in particular, many products such as wild watercress, alchemilla, yarrow, dandelion, plantain, and berries are harvested in the bog that stands just behind the hotel, while potatoes and most of the vegetables in his uncle’s garden in the Pustertal valley.

Just as the apples come from our friends on the Natz Plateau, the cheese and mountain butter from the Fane Alp, and the milk from the South Tyrolean dairy Brimi.

SILENA Restaurant

Excellent homemade desserts, cheeses from the Cheese Room, wines from local wineries and the theme nights: Soulfood 5 (top-secret 5-course sustainable dinner), Slowfood Dinner (dinner based on regional recipes, from finger foods to desserts) and the South Tyrolean Evening (gastronomic journey to South Tyrol through “grandma’s recipes”).

At SILENA, excellence in the kitchen does not stop at the restaurant but also continues with a tea ceremony in the Haiku Cha Lounge (where Asian teas meet South Tyrolean herbal infusions), a picnic by the pool, or a hearty private breakfast in your room.

Haiku Cha Lounge Silena

The literary lounge

Silena literary lounge

Books, food for thought. At SILENA, reading is a very important part of the quest for one’s well-being. That is why, next to the Tea Library, the literary lounge of the hotel holds about 1,000 books, carefully selected by Magdalena: coffee table books dedicated to the beautiful things in life, novels, short stories, books about botanical gardens and South Tyrolean mountains, beautiful volumes that invite you to let go, Immerse yourself in reading and carve out some time for yourself. Flipping through the pages becomes a bit like breathing; everything else is insignificant.

Silena literary lounge

But there are several possibilities for reading: one can also have one’s in the room a cart of books from which to choose your own or order a book from the “menu” and have it “served” for coffee or listening to an “infusion of words” in the sauna (a reading recorded by South Tyrolean author Lenz Koppelstätter). The important thing is to relax, let time flow and enjoy reading.

Yoga, acroyoga and meditation

Silena yoga

Recharge your strengths, embrace the universe and follow your body. Yoga and SILENA are one and the same. SILENA’s Resident Yoga Teacher teaches classes several times a week (7 to be exact, levels 1 and 2) in the hotel’s beautiful yoga space, Kingdom of Yoga, with direct access to the garden and endless tranquility.

When possible, classes are also held outdoors next to the pool, sometimes on the rooftop terrace, sometimes on a lawn or in the woods. In the morning to experience a soft awakening, or in the evening to end the day with a relaxing yoga session under the starry sky. And then there isacroyoga, to be done in pairs, for a nice injection of courage and confidence in yourself and each other.

Silena yoga

For those who not only want to do yoga on vacation but a yoga vacation, SILENA also organizes yoga retreats, intense trips of a couple of days for small groups with 3 hours a day of practice during which additional “soulful” experiences such as hiking in the woods with breathing exercises or outdoor meditation are possible.

However, a meditation room is available in the hotel for practicing alone or in pairs even outside the hours of guided meditations with Tibetan bells or aromatic essences.

Personal training

Silena: digital detox in the room of silence A buen retiro exclusive and elegant that not surprisingly calls itself "the soulful hotel": here the soul is at the center of everything, according to A philosophy of well-being born out of frequent travels to the East and translated into a language that takes into account, yes, Southeast Asian influences but also South Tyrolean culture and the importance of the contact with nature for a inner peace absolute that goes beyond the room of silence.

Mens sana in corpore sano. At SILENA, physical fitness is also important. Training, indoor or outdoor, is essential for those who wish to achieve their goals and enjoy the benefits.

Simon, a former professional soccer player, Steffi and Ida are the personal trainers that SILENA partners with its guests both in the indoor fitness room and outside in the mountains for hiking, MTB trails, trail running, or Qi Gong sessions to control the breath and mind. Discovering the most beautiful corners of the valley in direct contact with nature.

Prices Summer 2020

Prices from Euro 160.00 (from 8 to 23/8) and Euro 135.00 (from 23/8 to 8/11), per person per day in a double room including the Soulful Silena Special Services, from the use of the wellness and spa area on the terrace to the Slowfood dinner once a week, from the AlmencardPLUS to use as many as 9 cable cars in South Tyrol to the various activities of movement and relaxation.

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