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Stroll through the narrow streets of one of Italy’s most romantic villages and then arrive at your destination and enjoy an experience of pure well-being and relaxation, immersed in a large park and thermal waters that seem to merge brilliantly with those of the lake, especially when the sunset blends colors only as a skilled painter can.

Sirmione, photo by Renato Roberti
Sirmione – Ph. Renato Roberti

We are located in the heart of what Catullus called ‘the pearl of Garda,’ a kind of small floating island on the lake. Its name-Sirmione-is in fact derived from the Greek word syrma meaning ‘strip,‘wake,’ precisely because it rises strangely detached from the mainland.

Sirmione, photo by Renato Roberti
Sirmione, Ph. Renato Roberti

The wonder that seizes the unsuspecting tourist is almost brazen: the historic center of Sirmione is accessed through a drawbridge where the walls of the Scaliger Castle stand out among the waters in all their magnificence.

Reaching Aquaria Thermal SPA, our arrival point, is as simple as it is impressive: a walk of about 15 minutes, straight ahead, on a pedestrian island where cars are not contemplated. Framed by small stores, restaurants and charming medieval sights. And that familiar air you breathe when you already feel the prelude to the vacation.

Not surprisingly, that air has enchanted such personalities as the poet Catullus – after whom the remains of an ancient villa, the famous (and visitable) Grotte di Catullo, are named – and the unforgettable soprano Maria Callas, who for years stayed in the mansion that was later named Villa Callas. “I would like to end my days in Sirmione and be buried here,” the Greek lyricist used to repeat. It did not turn out that way, but her myth lives on to this day in the precious memorabilia on display and in the countless events dedicated to the ‘divine’.

Aquaria Thermal Spa, Sirmione Thermal Baths
Aquaria Thermal Spa


At the end of the walk-and after sipping a good glass of Lugana, a local excellence-it is time to indulge in pleasure, sensory experiences, and self-care. Steam, pampering and beneficial waters for body and mind.

Aquaria Thermal SPA welcomes its visitors to more than 15,000 square meters of wellness including 700 square meters of thermal water including pools, whirlpools, effervescent beds, saunas, steam baths, and experience showers. Sulfurous salso-bromo-iodine water is the center of it all: rich in mineral salts and trace elements, it is valuable for the skin and the body.

The temperature between 34 and 36 degrees allows one to enjoy the beautiful outdoor pools even in winter, while in summer, the pleasant exfoliating power of the water allows the skin to renew and regenerate for an even and glowing tan, and then lie down to enjoy a great aperitif on the pier where there is a scenic solarium.

Rich in sulfur, sodium chloride, iodine, bromine, and trace elements such as manganese, selenium, and zinc, the water at Terme di Sirmione is tolerated by very sensitive skin and is curative for problems such as dermatitis, psoriasis , and acne. Again, the Spa brings benefits to the osteoarticular and uro-gynecological systems and the upper and lower respiratory tracts.

A temple nestled in a happy oasis for healing, resting, rejuvenation.

Aquaria Thermal Spa, Sirmione Thermal Baths


Indulging in personalized treatments is a must: if you’re in a couple, you can’t miss the suite with a Jacuzzi tub for candlelight massages in privacy, accompanied by a bottle of champagne, strawberries and chocolate fondue.

In addition to rituals for two, there are single treatments for all needs. The strong point is the use of excellent Terme di Sirmione signature raw materials: the precious thermal water and mud. The suggestions are many: treatments to warm herb bundles, orange and spice, vitamin, collagen, goat milk and lychee. Still, massages with Garda olive oil, with vegetable butters from the Spa, coffee slimming, body brush with candle massage…

Aquaria Thermal Spa, Sirmione Thermal Baths

After treatments, it’s time for relaxation. In addition to the pools, Aquaria offers its guests real themed areas: the Music Room, designed by a well-known sound designer to regulate heartbeat and breathing, stimulating the release of endorphins. The Salt Room, where the benefits of mineral salt for breathing combined with the relaxing effects of light and the intensity of heat and humidity create a pleasant microclimate that promotes the feeling of relaxation. And, grand finale, the Starry Sky Room, where to relax after a day of pleasure to … continue daydreaming!


To experience something unique that can only be found at Aquaria, choose the treatments Method Terme di Sirmione: follow protocols validated by dermatological physicians and take advantage of local natural resources, encapsulated in the cosmetic line Aquaria Thermal Cosmetics, whose characteristic feature is that it is made from 100% thermal water. Any tidbits? For the face, the Thermal Water Mask Pathway, Anti-pollution Treatment, Anti Age Gold DNA Treatment or Oxygenating Mud Cleansing.

Aquaria Thermal Spa, Sirmione Thermal Baths
Couple’s massage at Aquaria Thermal Spa

And speaking of mud baths, those used in the spa are made from a mixture of sulfurous salso-bromo-iodine water and clay. This mixture acquires its properties and can be used for treatments only after long maturation. There is a choice for everyone: Balancing and Emollient Thermal Mud, Reducing and Slimming Thermal Mud, Detoxifying Legs Mud, Hand-Foot Mud… Each guest can find his or her own ‘pampering’ of pleasure and healing.

Sirmione Spa


Aquaria Thermal SPA is part of Terme di Sirmione. For nearly 130 years, the properties of the exceptional sulfurous salsobromoiodic water have made it a center for prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, with scientific thermal research in the medical field unique in Italy.

Terme di Sirmione’s offerings include two spas, Catullo Spa and Virgil Baths, Aquaria Thermal SPA, three SPA hotels with spa departments–the five-star Grand Hotel Terme, the four-star Hotel Sirmione e Promessi Sposi, and the three-star Hotel Fonte Boiola–and theHotel Acquaviva del Garda dedicated to meetings and events. In 2017, Golf Bogliaco was acquired with an 18-hole course and 14 apartments, and in 2018 a 10-room Lodge was built. For information and reservations, you can visit

Sirmione Spa
Terme di Sirmione, body mud


Aquaria Thermal Spa of Terme di Sirmione is an internationally recognized facility: in 2018 it received in Vienna at the European Health & Spa Award the award as the first ‘Best Thermal Resort’ in Europe, while the Grand Hotel Terme in Terme di Sirmione the award as the first ‘Best Medical Spa in Italy’. In 2017 again the Grand Hotel Terme was awarded the first Best Luxury Medical Spa in Europe at the World Luxury Spa Awards.


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