Nestled among the rolling hills of Montepulciano, in the heart of the Sienese lands, in a Tuscany prodigal of scents and flavors, the history of Chianciano and its waters is lost in the centuries. If in fact the Etruscans and the Romans already, as we know for a fact, appreciated the beneficial virtues of these mineral waters, the echo of history even takes us all the way back to Eneolithic times (a plunge into prehistoric times, the Copper Age) where our ancestors seem to have built numerous settlements in the Chianciano area precisely because of these “miraculous” springs.

Chianciano Spa - Sensory Spa
One of the 7 pools in the Sensory Spa

The offer of Chianciano, on the other hand, is a heritage recognized even in the times closest to us, not only for the rich offerings of food and wine and art, but also (or perhaps especially) for the presence of those Spa which, born in 1915, have led this small town to be one of the most famous spa and resort resorts in Italy.

But, it is known, he who stops is lost. And precisely because of this, the Terme di Chianciano spa has been on a profound path of modernization of its infrastructure offerings for years, earning – in a logic of continuous development and evolution – the title of international “top destination” for thermalism in Tuscany.

Terme di Chianciano Spa - Thermal Muds
Terme di Chianciano Spa – Thermal Muds

An excellence that is not only of label. In fact, there are several international prizes and awards that the historic complex has won recently: the special award ESPA 2018, for example, assigned to Chianciano Spa and UPMC Institute for Health – University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (a medical center specializing in preventive medicine also based in Chianciano since 2014) for the program Health&SPA most innovative. Or again, the 2019 AVPA Diplome Gourmet Award from Paris in the “special waters” category for the famous Acqua Santa, an authentic product of excellence from the Sienese Valdichiana area.

In order to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding and diversified clientele, Terme di Chianciano now offers a cutting-edge, increasingly complete and articulated range of services.

Abandoning the idea of “spa treatments” in the old-fashioned way, what is striking about the Terme di Chianciano is its ability to offer guests a true wellness experience, combining a strong cutting-edge medical component with an emotional and recreational offering made up of current and engaging attractions and proposals.

Chianciano Spa

Prominent among these are the SPA and Cocktail Experience, three not-to-be-missed weekly fun and lifestyle events under the moonlight with delicious cocktails and finger food (every Friday from 6:30 pm to midnight), the “Night of the Senses” at the Sensory Spa with taste path and recipes signed by Prof. Nicola Sorrentino (every Saturday night from 9:30 pm to 1:30 am), and finally the “Night Baths” at Theia Thermal Pools. with buffet dinner and live music, from 8 p.m. until midnight.

The eco-friendly soul of the Chianciano Spa

Not only that: to the proposals lifestyle are also accompanied by a soul “eco-fiendly” with the introduction of 0-km food and wine products and materials into the menu of the Spa Restaurant eco sustainable and plastic free on the premises of the Spa, as well as a tailor-made “luxury” proposal called “Health & Wellness Retreat in Tuscany” Designed especially to satisfy a very demanding international clientele with personalized services on demand.

Chianciano Spa - Sensory Spa
The Sensory Spa

A new idea of “Luxus” of contemporary thermalism that goes beyond the meaning of wealth and glitz, becoming rather a multi-sensory experience capable of restoring to each individual a psycho-physical balance undermined by today’s lifestyle.

Terme Sensoriali and Theia Thermal Pools in Chianciano Terme are a place of total regeneration for body and soul in an area universally recognized as among the most beautiful in the world and among the richest in good and highly prized things.

Chianciano “private” spa

Chianciano Spa - Sensory Spa

For the more reserved and discerning, it is even possible to book the Spa exclusively for a few hours or for an entire day, with specific offers built to suit the needs of the guest and his or her companions, family and friends.

Chianciano Spa - Chromotherapy

An integrated offer that combines spa wellness with the many experiences available in the Tuscan territory overlooking the Val d’Orcia: exclusive tastings, trips in classic cars, hot air balloon rides, dinners in starred restaurants, and more.

Chianciano Spa - Kneipp

All this within a first-rate curative context, delivered in four different establishments: the Acqua Santa Park of the Spa, within which are the Sensory Spa with the Santa and Fucoli watersfor hydropinic treatment, a Medical Center With testing laboratory and MOC, Sillene Spa with the center for the musculoskeletal system, arthrorheumatic and hepatic mud baths, baths for vasculopathies, inhalations, rehabilitation, gymnasium, sports medicine and Theia Thermal Pools, certified destination “family friendly” with spa areas and pools designed specifically to accommodate even families with children, with temperatures suitable for young guests who can thus experience spa wellness and relaxation together with their parents.