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Special Nights at Merano Thermal Baths

The appointment with Pools & Sauna Special Nights at Terme Merano returns. From November 2019 to March 2020, one evening a month a magical atmosphere will envelop the bathing room and sauna area, which will remain open until midnight for the occasion.

A great way to face winter: the warm temperatures of the saunas, rest in the new relaxation rooms, and maybe even some beneficial treatments with the precious thermal water, ideal for strengthening the body.

Merano Thermal Bath Special NightsSauna between Kneipp, stretching and meditation

A total of 5 Special Nights will animate the environments of Terme Merano from November 2019 to March 2020. In particular, the pool area will be bathed in atmospheric light and candlelight, while the saunas will provide guests with a special themed steam shower each evening. A big screen will be placed in the outdoor pool area showing concerts and musicals, and for foodies, a special three-course menu offered by the Bistro will satisfy the palate of those who wish to dine in the winter garden near the bathing hall.

The theme of the first Special Night, Friday, Nov. 8, 2019, will be“50 Years of Woodstock” with music from the time of the legendary festivals, while in the sauna, the steam shower will be dedicated to the Kneipp method.

Terme Merano prepares for the cold of winter with the warmth of saunas. Pools open until midnight and special sauna steam jets.

Second event on Friday, December 6, 2019 with steam cast entitledAdvent: the time of anticipation has now begun and the Christmas atmosphere is already being experienced in Merano. Coinciding with the Feast of theEpiphany will be the third date, scheduled for Monday, January 6, 2020: the sauna’s protagonist is meditation. Special appointment on Friday ,Feb. 14, 2020 for Valentine’s Day aimed naturally at lovers with Alpine herb steam throw. Finally, to close out the Special Nights, Friday, March 6, 2020 in the sauna the steam throw will be dedicated to stretching.

Hay sauna - Terme Merano special nights

From Hay Sauna to Fire Places

When temperatures drop outside, the sauna ritual becomes even more enjoyable! A practice that, in addition to promoting relaxation, is good for the body and strengthens it for the cold winter months. At Terme Merano there is certainly no shortage of opportunities to take a warming break, for example in the large outdoor Finnish sauna, or in the two steam baths Passerstein and Trauttmansdorff. To experience the authentic atmosphere of the mountain pastures, you can take advantage of the South Tyrolean organic hay sauna , which uses the calming and relaxing effect of hay, its anti-inflammatory, beneficial and revitalizing action on the body.

From glacial temperatures to -10°C, the Snow Room is the ideal environment to cool the body. Breathing in deep air to cool the lungs and rubbing snow on the arms and legs intensifies the beneficial effect of the sauna.

Terme Merano special nights

After a sauna session, the new relaxation rooms at Terme Merano provide the ideal setting for a rejuvenating break and some rest. Among the new rooms, the exclusive Fire Places are elegant lounges with sofas, armchairs and large cushions and give guests a pleasant break in front of the burning fireplace. Another dedicated environment is the bright Park Lounge, a terrace with sun loungers and views of the park, pools and mountains; while the Pool Suites, which directly overlook the bathing room, ensure moments of exclusive well-being.

The relaxation continues in the Kneipp Garden bordered by glass windows that let in light and lush plants, a kind of winter garden that provides guests with a Kneipp path for leg and foot wellness.

Staying well with thermal water

Curative and healthy, the thermal water that flows from Monte San Vigilio is a real panacea for the body, strengthening the immune system of the respiratory tract, having an anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory action of the airways, a sedative and analgesic effect on the central and peripheral nervous system.

Merano Fire Places

Inside the Medical Spa at Terme Merano, single-tub thermal baths and whirlpools are available, which are particularly indicated for rheumatic, joint and circulatory disorders. Or steam jet inhalations and aerosols ideal for the respiratory tract.

In the field of therapeutic treatments, particularly in physiotherapy, thermal water can be an added value. “Physiotherapy in the thermal bath” treatment soothes pains related to muscle tone and tension and increases the calming power on the peripheral and central nervous system, and in addition, practicing physiotherapy in water promotes basic motor characteristics such as energy, coordination and mobility.

Finally, thermal water is also used in Terme Merano’s cosmetic line, combined with products from the South Tyrolean territory: apple, edelweiss, grape, sea buckthorn, and Vinschgau marble. The thermal water in this case acts directly on the skin as an anti-aging agent, restoring structural components damaged by aging, preserving the natural hydration rate, and imparting a healthier, more toned appearance.

Terme Merano cosmetic line

Relaxing vacation in Merano

For a vacation in Merano, you can consult the proposals of the partner facilities of Terme Merano. Among them,Hotel Imperial Art**** offers the “Relax, just do it” package. , valid from January 6 to February 13, 2020. The offer includes: 2 nights’ accommodation, continental breakfast buffet, 2 VIP pool and sauna admissions to Terme Merano, spa bag, 1 admission to the contemporary gallery Merano Arte, ImperialArt Premium Card and Merano Guest Card. Also included in the package 1 full day in the Private Pool Suite at Terme Merano with: 2 relaxing massages with aromatic oils, 30-euro gourmet voucher, fruit water and sparkling wine, peeling and pack for the steam bath, bath salts for the whirlpool. All from 823.50 euros for 2 people.