La carrozza ristorante del Treno Reale di Palazzo di Varignana

A suggestive idea for a truly out-of-the-ordinary experience?

Dine in a vintage train, immersing yourself in a true journey through time.

Royal Train Restaurant Palace of Varignana
The Royal Train of Palazzo di Varignana, a real plunge into the past made of taste and elegance.

Starting today, the dream becomes a reality at Palazzo di Varignana, a widespread village in the hills of Bologna, which has just inaugurated its Royal Train with Carriage Restaurant, a project that took years of study and a long process of restoration.

Royal Train Restaurant Palace of Varignana
The dining car of the Royal Train.

The carriage, in fact, is a rarity from 1921, a prototype of the royal train of the Savoy which, after decades of neglect, has been regenerated and brought back to life thanks to the meticulous involvement of architects, art historians, historians experienced in vintage trains, set designers and artists including international talent John Bressana For artistic pictorial decoration.

The Royal Train of Varignana Palace

22 seats to relive a food and wine journey that “tells” an extraordinary story of international connections in a world that was becoming increasingly connected: a time when Italy was opening up to the world, replacing long journeys by horse-drawn carriage with rapid journeys by puffing steam locomotives and carriages furnished with velvet, brass and precious woods.

Every Saturday evening at 8:30 p.m. sharp, the train blows its whistle simulating departure: guests take their seats, and magically, we travel to a proposal of traditional dishes symbolizing historic destinations. From Bologna to Rome, from Brussels to Budapest.

Executive chef Davide Rialti chooses ancient preparation techniques to evoke the splendor of a bygone era. Among the most emblematic proposals are “Risotto with Sangiovese Palazzo di Varignana mantecato in Stiffonte EVO oil, Parmigiano fondue, fondant guanciale,” and “Crespella stuffed with dairy mascarpone, Podere Rio Rosso almonds and pear custard.”

Royal Train Restaurant Palace of Varignana
John Bressana signs the artistic pictorial decoration of the elegant restaurant rooms.

Besides being a perfect idea for intimate dinners, the restaurant can also be rented for events, small incentives, birthday parties or weddings.

A hidden gem on the train? A separate, intimate little private room for a romantic dinner for two in a charming, atmospheric setting.

Train Royal privé restaurant at Varignana Palace
The privé room.


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