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TRAVEL & SPA MAGAZINE is the first and most widely circulated digital Italian wellness, spa and luxury travel magazine in the world

All the covers of TRAVEL & SPA, the first and most popular Italian wellness travel magazine in the world.
Collection of TRAVEL & SPA covers featuring the evolution of the title, from the first edition of Thalasso & Spa

TRAVEL & SPA is Italy’s first and most popular digital tourism and lifestyle magazine specializing in wellness travel. A refined guide to the most exclusive resorts, the most beautiful beaches, the most fascinating destinations and the most current lifestyles.

A forerunner in the scenario of Italian magazines, it is an emotional magazine with a strong aesthetic, visual and photographic impact, with impeccable editorial quality, intended for a demanding audience, a lover of reading and accustomed to always having the best.

Wellness Travel TRAVEL& SPA Magazines

TRAVEL & SPA is available both as a pdf, browsable travel magazine and as an online travel site packed with news about travel, tourism, luxury hotels, vacations, spas, beauty, food and lifestyle.

TRAVEL & SPA is not just a magazine: it is an omnichannel communication platform, in line with the evolution of the modern publishing market. We offer our advertisers constant contact with their target audience: the Web Portal and Social Channels, in particular, are a perfect compendium of the magazine, high-level containers that can exponentially increase audience engagement.

The most widely circulated Italian wellness travel magazine in the world

TRAVEL & SPA Magazine No. 18 cover Summer Issue 2023

Readership: 423,000

Distribution in 250 countries worldwide through leading online newsstands (Readly, Pressreader, Zinio, Magzter, DiscountMags).
4,700 direct subscribers


>39k Unique Users, DA 24, PA 33

Social Media

Facebook: 9,345 Followers
Instagram: 67,500 Followers
Linkedin: 1,420 Followers

Source: Publisher – RSP Media, Analytics, FB/IG Official Brand Page April 2024

Distributed in 250 countries worldwide through leading digital newsstands, TRAVEL & SPA reaches a perfectly targeted potential readership of more than 75 million readers each month with an average readership (MAUs) of 423,000. The magazine’s digital format is an environmentally friendly choice and ensures immediate and constant usability of content.


TRAVEL & SPA wellness travel magazine in multidevice digital format
TRAVEL & SPA is browsable in pdf format and can be browsed on any fixed or mobile device

The browseable travel magazine is packed with travel ideas, exclusive itineraries, dream places and tips for physical and mental well-being. TRAVEL & SPA MAGAZINE is art, culture, food, and beauty: each issue treats the topic of travel and personal wellness from a new and engaging perspective, through spectacular images and fascinating travel stories.

TRAVEL & SPA, the Magic of Travel

TRAVEL & SPA chronicles places and destinations with one goal: to make readers dream. Stunning images are combined with evocative tips and stories, turning our “luxury magazine” into a dream book, full of ideas, suggestions and advice.

TRAVEL & SPA Magazine Articles


TRAVEL & SPA is not just a travel magazine: the magic continues online with the new travelandspa.it portal, an exclusive and refined travel blog full of news and special offers.

Multidevice Travel Portal travelandspa.it

TRAVEL & SPA is now Italy’s widely circulated tourism magazine with the highest growth rate. A key promotional medium for luxury brands, given the educated, affluent, and high-spending readership. But it is also an important showcase for the b2b world in the travel, lifestyle and beauty sectors.

Traffic and demographic data of the travelandspa.it website

travelandspa.it dati di traffico sito web
Website travelandspa.it – Update: April 2024. Source: SimilarWeb
Demographic data readers site travelandspa.co.uk
Demographic data readers site travelandspa.it (Source: SimilarWeb)


TRAVEL & SPA is the most prestigious guide to wellness travel. A unique periodical in the Italian luxury publishing scene. The first to deal exclusively with wellness tourism in all its aspects.

Our Reader type belongs indistinctly to the travel segments leisure and bleisure: a traveler for whom money is not an issue (he is in most cases an executive, entrepreneur, or established professional), with a good balance between work and personal life, and who prefers experiences to the possession of material goods.

The most popular format of TRAVEL & SPA magazine is the digital pdf / browsable one: a top-quality, widely distributed magazine, circulated through both online newsstand channels (digital newsstands) and a carefully selected portfolio of educated, high-spending readers interested in both travel, body care and wellness treatments.

TRAVEL & SPA Magazine Readership Profiling

Circulation of the digital magazine for sale

TRAVEL & SPA digital travel magazine is sold worldwide through leading digital newsstands and in the online shop of the travelandspa.it/en portal

Digital newsstands

Complimentary/qualified diffusion

Thanks to numerous top-level partnership agreements, a large number of highspending readers receive TRAVEL & SPA as complimentary magazine. Globally, either directly or through hotspots (Pressreader, MediaPad, and Media Box), we reach more than 9,700 partner locations worldwide, including numerous hotel chains, airlines, airports, libraries, cruise ships, and rail networks.

logosThe magazine is available free of charge in the on-board portal for passengers on Italo trains on the entire rail route in Italy.

The magazine is distributed free to 18,000 Amex / Mediolanum Gold Card holders through the Mybesticket.it holder portal

The magazine is distributed complimentary to LazioCrea’s 1,700 employees within the Lazio Region’s corporate welfare system.

Coverage of 1,995 hotels, 6 domestic lounges and 45 international lounges, with a total audience of 6,994,190/month.


Loyalty programs

TRAVEL & SPA is present in the loyalty & reward programs of the most important national players, a major presence that consistently amplifies the subscriber customer base.



Editor-in-Chief: Paolo Sisti
Editorial Director: Patrizia Risati
Periodicity: 4/6 releases per year
Cover price: 10€
Format: high resolution PDF

Digital magazine formats

Advertising formats TRAVEL & SPA Magazine

To ensure the highest engagement, we offer our advertisers a wide range of tailor-made solutions: from the classic tabular advertising presence to evolved partnership formulas, with the development of marketing plans and native editorial content.

Web site formats

Advertising formats site travelandspa.co.uk

The multidevice, globally accessible web portal is a key showcase for high-impact visual campaigns aimed at an attentive, loyal and highly receptive audience. Exclusive spaces and dedicated content ensure exceptional value for money.

Social Pages

Social Pages Wellness Travel TRAVEL & SPA Magazine

A well-established social presence with high interaction rates (Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin) provides TRAVEL & SPA Magazine’s advertisers with excellent visibility and brand awareness at affordable prices.