Val Brembana Lago di Becco
Il Lago di Becco e le Alpi Orobie in Val Brembana

The Brembana Valley, located in the province of Bergamo, offers a fascinating mix of nature, culture and history, making it an ideal destination for travelers of all types.

For lovers of sports and outdoor activities, the Brembana Valley offers numerous possibilities. From nature walks to bicycle touring, there is always something new to explore. The varied and fascinating landscapes of the valley are perfect for lovers of photography, hiking and biking.

Val Brembana Lake Porcile
Porcile Lake and the Orobian Alps in the Brembana Valley

In addition, the Brembana Valley hides numerous cultural and historical gems to be discovered on an itinerant trip.

Thenearest airport is Bergamo’s Orio al Serio airport, so if you are arriving by plane and do not have a vehicle with which to get around, it may be convenient to rent a car and then drive to one of the many villages in the valley. From here you can set out to discover the wonders of the area.

Val Brembana
Landscapes of the Brembana Valley

Trekking and refuges in Val Brembana

The Brembana Valley is a true paradise for trekkers, with trails winding through breathtaking mountain landscapes. Refuges, such as Rifugio Laghi Gemelli and Rifugio Grassi, offer cozy stopping points where walkers can rest and enjoy the surrounding beauty. These lodges are not only places to rest, but also ideal starting points for exploring the unspoiled nature of the valley.

Val Brembana trakking
Trekking in the Brembana Valley

Cornello dei Tasso: a medieval village

Cornello dei Tasso, recognized as one of Italy’s Most Beautiful Villages, is a hidden treasure of the Brembana Valley. Accessible only on foot, this medieval village offers a unique atmosphere, with its historic buildings, cobblestone alleys and charming porticoes. The Badger and Postal History Museum is a must for history buffs, offering an in-depth look at the Badger family, pioneers of the modern postal system.

Oneta and the legend of Harlequin

Oneta, another medieval gem, is known to be the legendary home of Harlequin, one of the most famous masks of the Commedia dell’Arte. Here, visitors can explore the Harlequin House Museum and immerse themselves in local traditions. The village, with its porticoed streets and rustic stone buildings, offers an enchanting and authentically Bergamasque atmosphere.

Val Brembana Harlequin Oneta
The mask of Harlequin, originally from Oneta

San Pellegrino Terme: art nouveau elegance and healing waters

San Pellegrino Terme is a renowned spa resort, famous for its healing waters. The city boasts beautiful Art Nouveau buildings, including the Grand Hotel and the Municipal Casino.

Val Brembana San Pellegrino Terme
San Pellegrino Terme

Walking along the banks of the Brembo River, visitors can admire the architectural elegance and savor the tranquil atmosphere of this gem of the Brembana Valley.

Spa facilities, such as the QC Terme San Pellegrino, offer a relaxing and wellness experience in a historic and luxurious setting.

Val Brembana QC Terme San Pellegrino
QC Terme San Pellegrino, the Pool of Stars

Branzi: between mountains and typical cheese

Branzi is a picturesque resort town nestled in the mountains of the Brembana Valley. Famous for its cheese of the same name, Branzi offers numerous opportunities for hiking in summer and skiing activities in winter. Its romantic waterfall and quaint bridges add to the charm of this cozy town.

Cheeses of the Brembana Valley
Typical cheeses of the Brembana Valley

The Via Mercatorum: a historical path

The Via Mercatorum is an ancient Roman road that runs through the Brembana Valley, connecting several historic villages such as Oneta and Cornello dei Tasso. Recently transformed into an official path, it offers visitors the chance to explore the valley by following the footsteps of history. The walk between Oneta and Cornello dei Tasso, in particular, is an unmissable experience for those who want to immerse themselves in the nature and history of the region.

The Vegetable Cathedral of Bergamo

Val Brembana Vegetable Cathedral
The Vegetable Cathedral
Val Brembana Vegetable Cathedral

A unique work of land art, the Bergamo Vegetable Cathedral is a project of the Bergamo Orobie Park. This “cathedral” consists of wooden columns that hold beech trees inside. Over the years, these trees will grow until they destroy the structure containing them, symbolizing the dominance of nature over man. This art installation is a perfect example of how art and nature can coexist and provide an extraordinary visual experience.


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