Una Double Spa Suite dell'hotel Eden Roma

At last, even the city of Rome has its ‘great beauty’ in pamper format.

The Eden Spa, Valmont, The Great Beauty Ritual

For the first time, the Swiss brand Valmont , an expert in cellular cosmetics, lands in the capital and does so in style, devising an exclusive treatment for the historic Eden Hotel of Dorchester Collection, which has been synonymous with luxury and hospitality since 1889.

For those who would like to indulge in a rejuvenating 120-minute pure wellness flight, here are all the coordinates.

The destination – within the 5-star hotel – is The Eden Spa , a stone’s throw from the Spanish Steps and Via Veneto, an urban spa with warm and welcoming interiors designed by internationally renowned studio Jouin Manku.

What did we appreciate? The cabins are true personal suites with bath, shower and steam room. Once you enter, you are exclusively provided with all kinds of services without setting foot outside again. In short, this is the kind of place that whispers in your ear, “Leave all stress behind, ye who enter.”

The watchword is: relax. Also because for a full two hours the outside world will no longer have any influence on you.

The Eden Spa, Valmont, The Great Beauty Ritual
A moment of the “La Grande Bellezza” by Valmont ritual at the Eden Roma hotel

Valmont’s exclusive “The Great Beauty” ritual for The Eden Spa

It is precisely to help you detach from daily stress and urban hustle and bustle that Valmont, in addition to offering its most celebrated protocols, has developed a signature facial and body treatment exclusive to Hotel Eden-‘The Great Beauty,’ in fact-that works on multiple objectives: it reactivates energy, harmonizes and relaxes body and mind, and rejuvenates the spirit as well as the skin. The idea is that, whoever comes out of the treatment feels like new, both physically and energetically.

We tried it and tell you about it

There are as many as nine steps, extended from head to toe.

It starts with the body, with a gentle exfoliation to remove toxins and dead cells, followed by an aromatherapy massage that stimulates and softens the skin.

The Eden Spa, Valmont, The Great Beauty Ritual

On the face, the flight. More precisely, that of the butterfly: A symbol of metamorphosis, for Valmont it has become the distinctive signature of treatments, through a very particular movement that allows the application of products with a harmonious and delicate choreography.

Next comes the actual product sequence: the Prime Renewing Pack, also known as the ‘Happy Mask’ and the Regenerating Mask Treatment.

The Eden Spa, Valmont, The Great Beauty Ritual
The “flight of the butterfly,” the distinctive signature of Valmont facial treatments

The former, designed as both a brightening mask and a daily anti-aging treatment, can smooth features, erase signs of fatigue and fill in wrinkles in just five minutes, while, the latter is a veil mask that, enriches the skin with repairing and dermo-tensor collagen and, in thirty minutes, intensely moisturizes, soothes and plumps tissues while smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines. The treatment concludes with a tailor-made final touch, also by Valmont, based on the person’s needs.

The final effect? The skin on the body is smooth and soft, the skin on the face radiates light, the features are relaxed, the texture evened out.

In our new skin, all we have to do is take the elevator up to the hotel’s top floor, where an iconic rooftop Federico Fellini ‘s favorite – affords spectacular views of Rome.

A cocktail at sunset, another memorable great beauty.

The Eden Spa, Valmont, The Great Beauty Ritual
The beautiful terrace of the Eden Roma hotel


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