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Valmont skincare and bees: a union that’s good for the skin and the planet

Essence of Bees is a skincare collection created from the incredible benefits from honey, propolis and royal jelly. With the goal of safeguarding biodiversity. Where to try it? In store or... In the Valmont Grand Spa at the Palazzo Parigi in Milan.

Essence of Bees Collection Valmont

The opening of the first Temporary Boutique in Italy, October 9-14 in Milan at the Casa degli Artisti, of the Maison Valmont, an exclusive flagship store that invited consumers to discover Valmont‘s iconic “art de vivre,” was a great success.

Didier Guillon, La Maison Valmont temporary in Milan
La Maison Valmont temporary in Milan

A celebration of Swiss cosmetics, fragrances and exceptional artistic masterpieces displayed in the exhibition ‘Hope.

During the days of meetings, the Valmont Group took the opportunity to focus attention on the critical situation of bees, which are threatened by pesticide use and the industrialization of agriculture, not to mention climate change.

Valmont and the preservation of bees

Valmont's 'Elixir des Glaciers'
Bee preservation is part of Valmont’s L’Elixir des Glaciers project

Most precious for our survival, bees in Switzerland enjoy a privileged and protected environment. Swiss bees could not survive without human intervention, particularly because of the harsh mountain climate and diseases that weaken and even wipe out many colonies.

Sophie Vann Guillon CEO VALMONT
Sophie Vann Guillon, CEO Valmont

That’s why since 2017 the line Elixir des Glaciers by Valmont honors the majesty of bees in Switzerland and around the world by creating Essence of Bees, a skincare collection inspired by the extraordinary benefits from beehive ingredients, from honey to propolis to royal jelly.

Valmont Essence of Bees, Elixir Des Glaciers, Crème de Masque Majesteuse
Valmont Essence of Bees, Elixir Des Glaciers, Crème de Masque Majesteuse

At the heart of the collection is a unique formulation that brings together for the first time the heart and soul of hive ingredients in a unique complex with highly concentrated active ingredients.
The ideal nourishing and repairing treatment for the driest skin.

Valmont Essence of Bees, Elixir Des Glaciers, Huile Majesteuse

This collection renewed just in 2023 reflects a concrete commitment to the preservation of bees, a central aspect of the Group’s sustainable development policy. In fact, it will serve to support long-term projects aimed at preserving biodiversity.

In Milan, there is the possibility of trying out the new Essence of Bees collection at Grand Spa Valmont of Paris Palace (Corso di Porta Nuova, 1) by booking the Masterpiece Treatment, a 90-minute pampering: a nourishing and reshaping treatment that enhances the beauty of the face and neck, with a focus on hand rejuvenation as well.

The skin and the bees will thank you.


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