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Vals Spa, a masterpiece in the Swiss mountains

Ifmore and more travelers have been drawn to a small village in a small Graubünden valley in the Swiss mountains in recent years, credit is due to the construction of a breathtaking spa, with state-of-the-art architecture and set in a landscape that alone is worth the price of the ticket.

7132 Vals Spa
The magnificent and austere thermal baths of Therme 7132 in Vals

Vals Spa, a unique and magical place

These are the green baths of Vals, lined completely with 60,000 local quartzite stones and brightened by a clever play of natural light filtering in from the surrounding forest.

These are all elements that, when assembled, make up a mystical, sensual environment of astonishing levity, in which the 30°-temperature thermal waters that flow from the Vals Valley enriched with health-beneficial minerals are collected.

Stone, water at different temperatures (indoor pool 32 °C, outdoor pool from 30 °C to 36 °C) and the play of sunlight, which creates a different effect depending on the time of day, transform the 7132 Therme – this is the name of the complex-in a mystical place of peace.

7132 Therme Vals
Vals Spa is completely lined with 60,000 quartzite stones

Flower petal baths, sound grotto, cold and hot pool, steam baths, and ferruginous water spring follow one another among the stone walls, the element that made the structure the first building in Switzerland placed under monumental protection, and for which the architect-designer Peter Zumthor received the world’s most important award for architecture.

You can choose to immerse yourself in this wonderful environment of peace and contemplation with the Day SPA formula, which includes admission to the spa, a two-course meal at the 7132 RED restaurant and a personalized body treatment, or take a full-immersion in wellness and stay at the 7132 Hotel.

7132 Hotels - Vals Spa
The luxurious rooms at the 7132 Hotel, with spectacular views of the Vals Valley

Majestic and tranquil, the hotel is as much an architectural gem as the spa, designed by Zumthor and some of the most interesting archistars of recent years.

Themed rooms with references to the Graubünden Alps, top-quality gastronomy, and exclusive access to the spa-open only for hotel guests on precise days of the week and also available for fascinating night baths under the clear, starry mountain sky-are just some of the benefits of staying.

7132 Therme - Relaxation Room
The relaxation room at the 7132 Therme in Vals

An experience that becomes a unique opportunity to enjoy on the one hand the most sought-after luxury, immersion in majestic and tranquil nature and the benefits of an all-natural hot spring, and on the other hand the up-close experience with the works of the great masters of contemporary architecture