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Villach, a vacation between spa and skiing

The Villach tourist area is the preferred destination for those seeking the perfect combination of Sport and Wellness. Indeed, the area offers top-notch ski facilities and excellent wellness facilities, thanks to its centuries-old spa tradition. A stay in Villach allows you to experience a true journey in pursuit of relaxation, from the modern and cozy KärntenTherme to the Thermal-Urquellbecken thermal bath located within the ThermenResort Warmbad-Villach, to the climatic caves carved out in Bad Bleiberg.

Villach KärntenTherme
© Region Villach Tourismus_Stefan Leitner_ThermenResort Warmbad-Vilach_Le KärntenTherme all'interno del

KärntenTherme Villach: relaxation and fun for the whole family

A state-of-the-art, futuristic facility that encompasses an intimate and relaxing atmosphere: the KärntenTherme in Warmbad-Villach – architectural masterpiece among suspended planes, sloping walls, and oblique load-bearing towers-represent the most “WOW effect” complex in the south of theAustria, with architecture inspired by the morphological characteristics of the area, with special reference to the numerous water sources in the surrounding Dobratsch Nature Park.

Villach KärntenTherme
Water slides in the KärntenTherme within the ThermenResort Warmbad-Vilach | Ph. © Region Villach Tourism / Stefan Leitner

A full immersive experience can be enjoyed in the facility, thanks to the FUN, and SPA areas: the former, frequented by a younger crowd and families with children, offers pools with 33° thermal water and water attractions (such as toboggans and the Crazy River) to combine swimming and fun. The second awaits those looking for a moment of relaxation among saunas, hammams and steam rooms in a high-class wellness area with a wide selection of beauty and wellness treatments.

In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible, the spa has an agreement with a number of accommodations in the area, including the adjacent Hotel Karawankenhof and Hotel Warmbaderhof, which allow direct access to the Center thanks to a dedicated corridor that can be walked directly in a bathrobe.

Villach KärntenTherme
The KärntenTherme within the ThermenResort Warmbad-Vilach | Ph. © Region Villach Tourism / Stefan Leitner

Then, during the winter season, you can combine the excitement of skiing with relaxation at the spa thanks to the “Ski & Therme” combo ticket: For a small surcharge, multi-day tickets (2-day, 3-day, or 4-day) also provide free access to the KärntenTherme in Villach (open daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.), limited to the FUN zone. Winter Erlebnis Card holders can also have one free admission to the “FUN” and “SPA” zones after 4 p.m.

Thermal-Urquellbecken: immersed in the fountain of health

Alongside this already enjoyable activity, there is also the opportunity to try an absolutely unique wellness experience by plunging directly into the thermal spring: the Thermal-Urquellbecken at ThermenResort Warmbad-Villach is a pool built right above the spring, and the water gushes out of the ground directly into the reservoir through a gravel bottom. In this way, the exchange is continuous and the entire pool (25×15 m) is completely renewed every three hours, keeping the water at the constant temperature of 29°.

ThermenResort-Warmbad Villach
The Thermal-Urquellbecken of the ThermenResort Warmbad-Villach | Ph. © Region Villach Tourism / Stefan Leitner

While inside the KärntenTherme water park the water is heated to 32-34° and mixed with normal drinking water, here it is pure thermal water, which is recognized to have analgesic properties and particular effectiveness in relieving inflammation of the musculoskeletal system.

The exclusive five-star hotel Warmbaderhof , which is always part of the ThermenResort Warmbad-Villach and is also a state-of-the-art Center for cures and therapies, completes an offer entirely dedicated to wellness.

Bad Bleiberg: at the top of your lungs

Equally well known for its health-promoting properties is Bad Bleiberg , a small municipality a dozen kilometers from Villach. If you swim there, you breathe here. At one time it was a thriving mining center, but since the 1950s, with mining exhausted, the community has breathed new life into the mines by redeveloping them into therapeutic climatic tunnels, where the natural combination of clean, fresh air and high humidity has a positive effect on the respiratory system.

It is “cave therapy.” a therapeutic treatment useful in curing respiratory tree disorders: several meters underground optimal conditions are created by a constant temperature of 8° and a relative humidity rate approaching saturation (i.e., 99 percent): an extremely pure air that decongests the mucous membranes, without the risk of recurrence due to the absence of dust and allergens.

Bad Bleiberg Villach
Bad Bleiberg | Ph. © Region Villach Tourism / Humanomed Michael Stabentheiner

Two caves carved into the mountain covering more than 1,300 square meters are active today. “Thomas,” which is part of the therapeutic area of the recently restored Vivea Hotel above, can be reached directly from the resort by an elevator that leads 27 meters underground. In recent years, the Vivea Hotel has benefited from several upgrades that have made it a popular destination among health-conscious customers. A reputation that is also based on the hotel’s long tradition of experience in treating respiratory diseases and offering therapeutic varieties for those with allergies and those with disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

The second climatic cave, the “Friedrich,” on the other hand, is part of the new F.X. Mayr Retreat BLEIB BERG an advanced facility that offers special treatments aimed at improving various aspects of the health of the guests who undergo them. The resort has an entire team of physicians, psychologists, sports scientists, massage therapists, therapists and dietitians led by head physician Bruno Pramsoller, who has helped create an innovative proposal that blends relaxation and wellness of body and mind, promoting prevention, fasting and holistic health.

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