ViVi SPA Privata Milano

In the lively Isola district, the beating heart of a Milan that never sleeps, a short distance from the famous Bosco Verticale, there is a refined oasis of well-being, tranquility and relaxation that is truly special. ViVi Private SPA, that’s its name, is an unexpected gem within an elegant building from the first half of the 20th century – well protected from the chaos of the city and very convenient to reach – in which real Luxury spas are entirely reserved for exclusive use.

ViVi SPA Private Milan

Each environment is carefully conceived, designed, and built to offer the most relaxation and the privacy to the couples looking for a romantic and special interlude, but that’s not all: private spas can in fact also be reserved individually, or for an all-female moment of relaxation between mother and daughter, between friends, or even to celebrate a bachelorette party in a surprising way that is sure to impress.

The already sublime experience of ViVi SPA Private, can be further enriched with massages and gourmet proposals, to be experienced and enjoyed always within the SPA.

ViVi Private SPA, eco-friendly soul relaxation

Founded in 2019, ViVi Private SPA stands out not only for the originality of its offerings, but also for its focus onecology. In fact, the facility is entirely built according to the principles of green building and bio-architecture: natural and environmentally friendly materials, such as stone, wood, and Himalayan pink salt, contribute to a cozy, yet healthy and sustainable environment. The facility is equipped with low-consumption technical systems to reduce environmental impact and ensure high comfort in terms of temperature, air exchange and humidity control.

Surfaces are coated in clay, marmorino, tadelakt, teak, and slate, all of which are valuable 100% eco-friendly finishes capable of reducing environmental impact. Even the paints used inside ViVi SPA are free of toxic substances, in a sustainable approach to design and wellness.

Prestige SPA Equipment

ViVi Private SPA is fully equipped with equipment from the renowned Jacuzzi®brand, so the whirlpool experience remains at the highest level. The ability to individually customize lights and music (all soundtracks are specially designed to match the environment) through touch monitors provides an additional level of comfort. Privacy then is total: inside the SPAs, in fact, one has a completely secluded experience, but always with the possibility of calling the staff for any need via a button.

ViVi SPA Private Milan Jacuzzi tub

The tubs are very large, equipped with ergonomic seats and jets with targeted action on shoulders, back, hips, hands, wrists, legs, and feet.

With its unique approach to wellness and sustainability, ViVi SPA Privata stands as a must-visit destination for those seeking ultimate relaxation and intimacy in the busy city of Milan.

What is most striking is that in each of the Private Spas, the equipment has nothing to envy the more emblazoned spas, starting with the saunas: Biosauna, Roman Sauna, Finnish Sauna, Infrared Sauna, all with color therapy and digital panel to easily set the parameters according to one’s preferences.

Also, Kneipp pools with bottoms lined with polished natural stone pebbles to stimulate the soles of the feet and promote the hot-cold reaction in the lower limbs, and emotional showers with color therapy.

The pleasantness of the experience is further enhanced by ambient scents based on hypoallergenic, absolute-grade essential oils.

Couple’s Experiences in the Private ViVi SPA

ViVi SPA Private Milan

Wellness Program in Private SPA

The route proposed by ViVi SPA includes as we have said the exclusive use of the entire SPA reserved for the couple , which also has within it the locker room and toilet, both for private use. The staff quickly explains the use of the equipment and its customization, after which the couple can relax in total privacy while taking advantage of all the equipment.

Each experience includes a “wellness kit” including 100% natural organic cotton bathrobes and towels, waterproof slippers, shampoo, body wash, conditioner, moisturizer and hair dryer.

Guests are also offered cookies, dried fruits and small savory snacks, as well as a wide selection of herbal teas.

Wellness Program with Couple Massage

The wellness path can be further enhanced with a couple’s massage, again carried out in the fully reserved SPA and particularly inside the Himalayan pink salt brick relaxation room. The massage offered is essentially relaxing, based on a skillful mix of techniques that draw their essence from Swedish, Californian, lomi-lomi, and holistic massage.

ViVi SPA Private Milan relaxation room with pink salt bricks

At the beginning of the experience, the couple can also choose and create their own personalized mix of natural fragrances; the mix is then added to the purest base oil to give further harmony and balance.

Specific manuals that are more decontracting or draining can also be performed upon request, so you can have a truly personalized experience.

ViVi SPA Private Milan Suite Couple Massage

Couple’s Massage

The couple’s massage can also be done without the combination with the SPA wellness path. In this case, the massage is carried out in the cozy massage suite, equipped with a private locker room and specially made to promote relaxation, privacy and harmony as a couple.

ViVi SPA Private Milan Suite Couple Massage

The option to create your own fragrance mix is always included, as is the use of organic cotton towels and slippers.

Gourmet Packages

To add a gourmet touch to the experience, ViVi SPA offers gourmet packages ranging from light cocktails to more refined sushi and champagne selections, all strictly served within the couple’s private spa.

ViVi SPA Private Milan relaxation room

Individual Experiences in the Private ViVi SPA

This Milanese temple of wellness, as we mentioned, does not only cater to couples: in fact, for those who want an individual private wellness path, ViVi SPA Privata also makes its SPA available for single use. The rooms offer the same experience and comfort as those for couples, but are specially designed for use by one person.

ViVi Private SPA Individual in Milan

Again, massages and targeted treatments can be combined with the SPA path, such as the relaxing and anti-aging facial treatment, during which 100% natural phytocosmetic products are used in addition to specific manual techniques.


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