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What to give for Christmas? A unique experience!

This Christmas would you like to give something different from the usual? Are you looking for something unforgettable that will leave your sweetheart speechless? The solution is quite simple: if you are thinking of an original gift to surprise your he/she, an outdoor activity to do as a couple is certainly an idea to consider. Giving the gift of an experience for two means sharing excitement and fun, having the opportunity to do something special together and creating memories to relive even long after the event.

Gifts for two can be chosen by following the attitude of the couple. If you are adventurous types, you can opt for a somewhat wild activity to experience astrict contact with nature. If you like sports, you can treat yourself to classes and lessons to learn a new discipline. For those seeking recreation and relaxation, many experiences are available that include lunches, dinners or aperitifs. And for adrenaline lovers, there is no shortage of breathtaking activities to experience heart-pounding thrills.

Freedome, an innovative startup and outdoor experience marketplace, provides the best couples experiences to give as gifts this Christmas! We have selected some of them:


Experience the thrill of a nighttime ski or snowboard descent, enjoying the mountain even at night, when the hustle and bustle of the slopes finally dies down and the starry sky prepares its show. Go up to the mountain hut with the last ride of the chairlift, enjoy a dinner with traditional flavors, toast with good wine so you don’t feel the cold, and then put on your skis and descend to the valley accompanied by moonlight.

Christmas gifts 2022: snowboarding


Running together with sled dogs, surrounded by beautiful alpine scenery and the magical atmosphere of snow, is an experience that leaves you speechless, and, sled dogs, mainly Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes, are perfect companions for adventures. Forget everyday life for a while and dive headfirst into a dimension of nature, fun and adrenaline!

Christmas gifts 2022: dog sledding


The fascination of the mountains, the fun of motors and the excitement of snow – all this is snowmobiling! Get ready to experience the dimension of snow from a whole new perspective and combine your desire for relaxation and nature with the adrenaline rush of curves. Between ski slopes and off-trail trails, whizz around on a snowmobile to discover Italy’s mountains in a different, more atmospheric light. There is also the possibility to conduct the tour at night and drive under the starry sky; or at sunset and enjoy a tasty and rich aperitif.

Christmas gifts 2022: snowmobiling at Tonale


Would you like to ski powder using the helicopter to ascend the highest peaks and then launch yourself down the snowy slopes? You can do this with a freeride heliskiing experience from Freedome. And son you can never get enough of adrenaline thrills and, once you get to the valley, you want to repeat the experience there is no problem, you can!

Christmas gifts 2022: heliskiing


Flying over Italy in a helicopter is an exciting and adrenaline-pumping experience: it allows you to experience the thrill of high altitude and admire the landscape from a very special vantage point. Having breathtaking scenery before you is a real daydream, but there is more: it is possible to become a helicopter pilot for a day and experience firsthand the feeling of flying an aircraft over our peninsula.

Christmas gifts 2022: helicopter


Winter landscapes with snow-capped peaks and snow-adorned tree branches are the enchanting setting for snowshoeing. Also called snowshoes, these special tools attach to the base of boots and allow for easy walking on the snowpack; they can be a viable alternative to skiing, especially for those seeking a more intimate dimension and more direct contact with nature. Italy has a wealth of trails of all levels, from easy trails for those who want to enjoy a leisurely walk, to climbs with nearly 1,000 m of elevation gain, for those who are not afraid to toil and conquer the highest peaks. End the snowshoe hike with a tasty aperitif and a glass of bubbly in company.

Christmas gifts 2022: snowshoeing


Do you want to experience a day of adventure? Come experience the thrill of an ATV tour. Fully experience the adrenaline and fun of motoring while admiring, in the meantime, picturesque landscapes that enrapture the eye; evident is the contrast between the brown of the dirt land and the deep green of the Mediterranean scrub. The excursion is perfect for giving moments of adventure without being too challenging aboard our quads equipped with automatic transmission and handlebar brakes, which are very easy to drive and suitable even for beginners.

Christmas gifts 2022: quads


Enter the world of skiing or snowboarding, hone your technique and improve your performance with a team of experienced instructors. Private lessons are the best tool to achieve your goals in a short time, whatever they may be: from the basics to technical improvement, one of our experienced teachers will have the right personalized program for you! All you have to do is experience the thrills of off-piste skiing in total safety and hurtle through deep snow along steep slopes and breathtaking curves.

Christmas gifts 2022: skiing


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